Fantastic Auction at 14 Luccombe Way, Karrinyup

We had a great Auction at 14 Luccombe Way, Karrinyup on Saturday morning. While the property did not sell, we had great attendance and 3 bidders.

We passed the property in at $1.5 which was the last bidder figure. Now we will be looking for offers above that.

Due to the weather the Auction was held inside the house and the owners could hear the Auctioneer and the bidders from the formal lounge.

Scott Langley was the Auctioneer and he did a terrific job keeping the crowd very interested and working with the interested bidders. He is one of the most sought after Auctioneers in the North Coastal area.

Although the Sellers reserve was not reached, I think it was a great Auction with the property now positioned to SELL.

Rosemarie, and I (and also Pauline who helped on Home Opens prior to the Auction), are pursuing prospective buyers.

Will be having a break from Home Opens this coming weekend but if it is not sold this week, we will plan to open on the weekend after.