A new trend or a new way to sell your property: Open Negotiation

It is like an Auction but more transparent. You bid online or with your Agent.
The benefits of why buyers would get themselves registered straight away and not wait until a week before the Open Negotiation starts.

This is what we say to them is… ‘the benefit for you registering today is if the owner accepts your terms and conditions and we sign off on those terms, this means you are ready to participate in three to four weeks.

If someone then puts in an offer that the owner actually would like to accept as early as tomorrow, the sale could start earlier. By being Terms Accepted this means we cannot sell the property to that person without letting you know. You will then be able to compete with that person on the home you love because we can start the Open Negotiation early.’

That is the benefit for buyers to get involved straightaway and to get their terms and conditions accepted as soon as possible so that they don’t miss out on the property. It costs them nothing to be able to register and you only pay your deposit should he be successful. There is absolutely no cost in securing your position to make sure you don’t miss out on the property.’

Hopefully that has been of help to you today and hope you can call me to your home and we can have a chat in Open Negotiation.