African Heritage, a lovely new store at Duncraig Shopping Village

I was introduced to this store called African Heritage by my South African friend, helper and future client Sue Van Vuuren who is from South Africa. Not difficult to figure that out, eh! But she will be soon an Aussie.

One day for morning tea Sue bought in a Milk tart and it was Wow, totally divine that I had to “steal” another slice it was so good.

When I visited African Heritage myself, I met the owner Margie who recognised me as I have sold her a house 15 years ago. Naughty me that have not been in touch. Luckily the purchase was so good that she is still in the same house, will definitely keep in touch from now on.

They have a variety of goodies,  ( I wish I had not found that Store but glad to have met my old seller again) such as:

Biltong, Drywors, Boerwors, Pork Sausage “Eskort”, Hamburger Patti and few other stuff plus delicious tarts made in the back of the store.

You have to go there. Or don’t if the case maybe. I shouldn’t but I am hooked now!

I took a Milk Tart to my usual S.I.N.ers lunch and they all LLLLOOOVVVEEEDD it!

Jump onto their African Heritage website or you can find African Heritage  at Shop 18, Duncraig Shopping Centre, 50 Marri Road, Duncraig (The old Chicken Treat store in the car park).