Do you love being pampered?

A woman deserves to pamper herself every now and then and to have pretty fingers and toes and to basically just relax and have someone look after you.

Adriana Didmon lives in Greenwood and she is also a Brazilian just like me but she does manicures and pedicure the best way that only Brazilians do.

You have to book beforehand and go to her house but she also does other related beauty stuff too.

I feel like I’m walking on clouds when I leave her house and $30 bucks for a manicure and pedicure it’s really cheap

Adriana is a lovely lady and has lots to offer she work as a carer and is very caring and patient with people.

Do you need to look after your hands and feet?

Give me a call and I will pass on her details!

Sorrento Living Adriana Didmon