Pancakes for breakfast or dinner, sweet or savory

Pancakes at Carillon, is one of the only pancake restaurants in Perth. This doesn’t mean that we only serve pancakes, though it forms a big part of our menu. We also serve burgers, salads, nachos and more (our menus can be viewed at Pancakes at Carillon) We also have an extensive kiddies menu, with kiddies sized meals and drinks.

Pancakes at Carillon was established in 1983 and after more than 30 years of serving Perth families we are focussed on creating good memories. Many of our patrons are regulars and have fond memories of coming for pancakes when they were young. Many continue the tradition by bringing their kids and even grandkids to visit.

Pancakes at Carillon is situated on Retail Level 3, Carillon City and is easily accessible from the Hay St side, via escalator or elevator.