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Nikkydeo photography

My daughter Nikky is all heart and soul dedicated to her photography skills.

If you need a photographer who can do the perfect job on special events, first child, family photo black and white , Christmas , etc call Nikky .

Nikky has a website that you can browse at

My Alter-Ego: The Bread Lady!

I have recently joined the Edgewater Emerald Terrace Craft Centre, and
my volunteer job in the community is to collect some bread every Wednesday
night from Carine Glades most fantastic bakery and drop it to all of the
ladies on Thursday morning.

It is some of the most beautiful fresh bread that if wasn’t collected, would just be thrown in the bin.

If you belong to another Community and would like to take advantage of this opportunity there are 2 more nights in the week available on which the bread is not collected.

It is a pity to waste all that bread when we can give it to someone who would enjoy it.

I have offered it to another place, but they wanted the bread only if they were individually packed in plastic bags. I did not take them up on this offer, as it would require another person to do the work
plus buying all of the extra packaging, unnecessary waste! The bread is in perfect condition! Rolls, loaves, the occasional sweet bread, hot dog buns, hamburger buns, sliced bread, you name it!

The bread can be collected any night at quarter to 8 pm. If you have the time to volunteer for your Community please call me and I will put you in in touch with the most generous bakery.

Painting Classes. Never too late to learn

Susanna is an artist. She paints and she also teaches painting.
She has a fantastic nature and is easy to learn with her.
If you want to pursue a hobby this is so easy.

It is Gold. No. It is Red. It is my old car shinning like new

After a day…Spirit Graphics sent Jason Evans to remove the wrap wonderfully!

I am going to peel the gold wrap from my car. It will be red again. Possibly a nice Xmas gift for someone…

This Saturday at 7AM  Jason from Spirit Graphics and Marketing is coming to my house with his hot gun to peel my car.

I think it will be fun or horrible! Depending on the outcome.

The experts in wrapping cars in vinyl say that the colour will be protected. A hot red RX-8 waiting to be revealed?

I don’t know!

Anyway, I will be taking pictures of all the steps and will post them on the next blog.

If you wish to watch you can come to my place – at 7AM!

It will be a 5 hour job so I have to skip an hour to do a home open but my family will be home watching the event. I reckon it will be an experience to watch.

4 year old dolls, boy or girl to stand in the corner like well behaved children

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