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Painting Classes. Never too late to learn

Susanna is an artist. She paints and she also teaches painting.
She has a fantastic nature and is easy to learn with her.
If you want to pursue a hobby this is so easy.

It is Gold. No. It is Red. It is my old car shinning like new

After a day…Spirit Graphics sent Jason Evans to remove the wrap wonderfully!

I am going to peel the gold wrap from my car. It will be red again. Possibly a nice Xmas gift for someone…

This Saturday at 7AM  Jason from Spirit Graphics and Marketing is coming to my house with his hot gun to peel my car.

I think it will be fun or horrible! Depending on the outcome.

The experts in wrapping cars in vinyl say that the colour will be protected. A hot red RX-8 waiting to be revealed?

I don’t know!

Anyway, I will be taking pictures of all the steps and will post them on the next blog.

If you wish to watch you can come to my place – at 7AM!

It will be a 5 hour job so I have to skip an hour to do a home open but my family will be home watching the event. I reckon it will be an experience to watch.

4 year old dolls, boy or girl to stand in the corner like well behaved children

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