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Labor announce start date for negative gearing and capital gains tax changes if elected

The Australian Labor Party have announced their negative gearing and capital gains tax changes will come into effect on 1 January 2020, if elected.
Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA) President Adrian Kelly said REIA remained concerned about the impact the policy would have on Australia’s housing markets, buyers, renters and economic activity.

“This concern is magnified in the current market. There is almost truckloads of analysis and reports showing the adverse impacts of the policy on mum and dad investors, home owners, renters, the construction industry, state governments and the economy.

“The latest was last week when SQM Research showed that house prices would drop between five per cent to 12 per cent on a weighted average for the capital cities for 2020 to 2022 over and above any other falls being experienced, while rents are expected to increase by between eight per cent and 15 per cent on a weighted average for the capital cities for 2020 to 2022,” Mr Kelly said.

The SQM Research report also showed housing construction activity will fall by 25 per cent to 30 per cent from 2019 levels, which; will have employment and GDP impacts; property sales turnover is forecast to fall by a further 12 per cent to 15 per cent, resulting in; a drop in state stamp duty revenue of approximately $2.3 billion.

“For first home buyers, who according to Labor, should see improved housing affordability by a ‘levelling of the playing field’ will now face a faltering economy, lower employment prospects, the possibility of higher interest rates under a Labor Government and higher rents whilst they save for a deposit,” Mr Kelly said.

Read REIWA’s response to the SQM Research findings.

For more information about REIWA’s position on negative gearing and capital gains tax, visit

My son and partner coming back from 8 Month around the World trip!

If you’ve been following along the story, you know my son and his long-time girlfriend Toni have been on an epic adventure around the world.

Am I missing them? You bet!

We have stayed in contact weekly on FaceTime, with text messages, by email, and have sent many pictures, but it just isn’t the same as having them here in the flesh is it? Thank goodness for this technology though.

They started their trip on August 1st 2018 and are coming home this weekend! I can’t wait!

They have visited family in Toronto, Calgary and Nova Scotia in Canada and also Oklahoma and Boston in the States. They did a road trip through the US, managed to visit 14 States, and some relatives, before exploring Canada and catching up with our family there.

After that, they hit Europe, to Madrid where my sister in law lives, and then to her property in Italy, where they were able to ground themselves for a while after all of the state and country hopping. My husband and daughter are hoping they’ll be bringing some new pasta recipes home with them!

I’m looking forward to picking them up at the airport this weekend, not sure how long they’ll be home though. They’re already planning their next trip! I’m not really surprised my son loves to travel, after all of the globetrotting we did when he was young. He’s got the bug! Lucky he met someone who also loves to explore new places!

Property in Hillarys available to rent in May 1st. ONLY!


$510 a week

No pets!

I have this adorable 4 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, double lock up garage that is going to be vacant after 3 years with the same tenant who is just moving in to his brand new home.

Mostly floorboards.

It is in Hicks Avenue in Hillarys close to Whitfords shopping Centre, close to transportation, easy access to Marmion Ave and to the Freeway.

Beach? Just a 2 minutes drive! All the amenities at your finger tip.

Call to view as of middle of April

Mobile: 0416 188 752



Tenant hotspots: WA’s 10 top searched suburbs for rentals revealed’s latest search result data has revealed the 10 suburbs and regional towns most popular with West Australian tenants looking for a rental home over the last 12 months.
REIWA President Damian Collins said the list was quite diverse, as it featured seven suburbs from within the Perth region and three regional towns.

“The list is also quite varied in terms of population. While we would expect to see suburbs with larger numbers of properties in areas like Baldivis and Canning Vale return high search volumes, a number of the suburbs on the list that ranked well have fewer than 10,000 people residing in the area.

“Of course, areas like Mandurah, Geraldton, Bunbury and Kalgoorlie also represent a broader urban area which has likely contributed to their popularity with WA tenants.

“Overall, the suburbs south of Perth proved most popular with WA tenants, with Mandurah, Rockingham and Baldivis ranking first, second and third respectively for searches. Geraldton and Bunbury in regional WA followed closely, rounding out the top five,” Mr Collins said.

Joondalup, Scarborough, Kalgoorlie, Ellenbrook and Canning Vale completed the list. data shows nine of the 10 suburbs on the list experienced declines to the number of properties available for rent in their respective areas over the last year, with Mandurah, Canning Vale and Bunbury recording the most significant reductions.

“When there is increased interest in a suburb and fewer rentals available, this leads to stronger competition between tenants. While overall rent prices in Perth have been stable for a while now, there are some pockets that are starting to see prices rise,” Mr Collins said.

“From the list, Baldivis, Geraldton, Scarborough and Canning Vale all experienced increases in median rent over the last year, with their individual rent prices lifting by $10, $5, $18 and $10 respectively.

Landlords also found it quicker to find tenants in these areas, with data showing nine of the 10 suburbs saw their average leasing times improve during the last year.

“Canning Vale (39 days) and Joondalup (45 days) had the most notable decline in leasing times, with each experiencing a reduction of 11 days during the year, followed by Baldivis (41 days), Geraldton (57 days) and Scarborough (39 days), which reduced by 10 days each. Bunbury was the only area on the list to not record an improvement in average leasing time,” Mr Collins said.

“These 10 areas clearly hold a lot of appeal for West Aussie tenants. If you’re an investor looking to buy, I’d recommend speaking to a real estate agent about how these local markets are performing and what investment opportunities are available.”

Perth Market Snapshot for the week ending 10 March

  1. 2019

Housing affordability declined in WA in the December 2018 quarter, according to the latest findings from the Real Estate Institute of Australia and Adelaide Bank Housing Affordability Report.

Residential sales market

The December 2018 quarter Housing Affordability Report found West Australians were using up a greater proportion of their income to meet loan repayments, with the figure increasing from 22.5 per cent in the September 2018 quarter to 23.1 per cent in the December 2018 quarter.

On an annual basis housing affordability in WA has improved, having decreased 0.8 per cent when compared to the December 2017 quarter.

There were 7.6 per cent more loans taken out in the December 2018 quarter than in the September 2018 quarter, according to the report, with a total of 11,017 loans (excluding refinancing) recorded for the quarter. Although this figure is an improvement on the September 2018 quarter, it is down 6.2 per cent compared to the December 2018 quarter.

The average loan size increased in WA during the December 2018 quarter, up 1.2 per cent to $340,515 compared to the December 2018 quarter. On an annual basis, the average loan size has declined by 3.5 per cent.

First home buyers

First home buyer activity increased 6.7 per cent in WA during the December quarter, with 3,833 new property owners recorded, however this figure is down 4.1 per cent compared to the December 2017 quarter.

First home buyers make up 34.8 per cent of the state’s owner-occupier market (the largest percentage in the country!) and represent 13.2 per cent of all first home buyers in Australia.

The average loan to first home buyers increased by 0.9 per cent to $306,850 during the quarter, and decreased 2.9 per cent compared to the December 2017 quarter.

Rental market

Rental affordability has declined in Western Australia, with the proportion of income required to meet the median rent now sitting at 16.6 per cent, an increase of 0.5 per cent during the quarter and 0.2 per cent over the year.

Save the date for Morning Tea on May 23rd.

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Emerald Park Craft Group Inc in Edgewater is gearing up for our annual Cancer Research Fund raising event :
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Established property purchases increase 20 per cent in WA first home buyer market

25 February 2019

More first home buyers are choosing to buy established properties rather than build new, according to analysis which shows the number of first home buyers in WA purchasing established properties increased 20 per cent between the December 2017 and 2018 quarters.
REIWA President Damian Collins said WA first home buyer preferences had shifted back towards established properties, despite the First Home Owner Grant only being in place for those who choose to purchase new builds.

“As it currently stands, the WA First Home Owner Grant unfairly penalises buyers wanting to purchase established properties by only providing assistance to those who choose to build. Initially, this had the effect of skewing first home buyer preferences towards new builds, but it appears more first home buyers are choosing to forgo the grant in favour of purchasing an existing property in an established suburb.

“It’s not fair that so many first home buyers are missing out on the grant, simply because they don’t want to build a new home. Or even worse, it means some first home buyers who want an established property are unable to enter the market. Housing affordability remains a significant hurdle for many West Australians and we should be encouraging and incentivising all first home buyers to enter the market, not just those who choose to build their first home,” Mr Collins said.

REIWA advocates for the reintroduction of a First Home Owner Grant for eligible first home buyers who purchase an established residential dwelling.

“Increasing the demand for established housing will have a knock-on effect to other areas of the market. This would allow more WA households to right size into accommodation that suits their changing needs, resulting in more transfer duty revenue for the state,” Mr Collins said.

“First home buyers have consistently shown they prefer to buy established homes. The WA Government should respect the preferences of first home buyers by not discriminating between established and new build properties, enabling more West Australians to make the dream of home ownership a reality.”

View more information about REIWA’s stance on the First Home Owner Grant.

WA’s top searched suburbs for sale revealed’s latest search result data has revealed the 10 suburbs most popular with WA property seekers looking to buy in the last 12 months.
REIWA President Damian Collins said nine of the 10 suburbs on the list were in the Perth region, with Denmark the only regional suburb to make the list.

“Hillarys was the most popular suburb for West Australians searching for property, taking out first spot on the list, followed by Denmark, Woodvale, Duncraig and Canning Vale.

“Overall, it’s quite an eclectic list of suburbs, with a good supply from both north and south of the river and quite varied in terms of population levels. While it’s no surprise a suburb like Canning Vale has trended highly, given it’s one of WA’s biggest suburbs, it’s interesting to note that six of the 10 suburbs have fewer than 10,000 people residing in the area.

“Denmark in the Great Southern region has proven very popular with prospective buyers for example, ranking second on the list, which is quite remarkable given it has a population of just 2,600. Denmark has a lot of lifestyle appeal, especially with those seeking a sea-tree change. It seems many West Australians are turning to the internet to learn more about Denmark and find out what kind of properties are available in the area,” Mr Collins said.

The biggest trend in terms of lifestyle appears to be the push towards coastal suburbs, with six of the 10 top searched suburbs well-known for their proximity to WA’s great beaches.

“In particular, the northern coastal suburbs were popular, with Hillarys, Iluka, Sorrento and Mindarie all rating highly with WA property seekers,” Mr Collins said.

Of the 10 suburbs to make the list, data shows eight have median house prices above the Perth median of $510,000.

“This suggests it’s the trade-up sector of the WA market who are most actively searching for property right now,” Mr Collins said.

“While sales activity across Perth remains subdued, the high levels of interest from prospective buyers in these suburbs should provide local sellers with some confidence.

“These areas are clearly striking a chord with WA property seekers, so there is excellent opportunity for sellers to take advantage of this interest. My advice is to listen to your real estate agent and price your property in-line with market expectations to ensure your home stands out.”

Perth Market Snapshot for the week ending 3 February

Sales activity decreased nine per cent in Perth this week, with REIWA members reporting 484 transactions.
This decrease can be attributed to a 16 per cent decline in house sales and a one per cent decline in unit sales, however there was a 57 per cent increase in vacant land sales during the week.

The lower level of activity experienced this week can most likely be attributed to the Australia Day long weekend.

Listings for sale

There were 16,633 at the end of this week, which is one per cent less than last week.

A closer look at listing stock levels shows house listings remained stable, listings for units decreased by two per cent and listings for vacant land decreased by four per cent.

This week’s total figure is four per cent higher than four weeks ago and eight per cent higher than levels seen a year ago.

Perth rental market

REIWA members reported there were 6, at the end of this week, which is two per cent less than last week.

This week’s rental listings figure is eight per cent lower than four weeks ago and are 27 per cent lower than the same time last year.


REIA calls for Federal Labor to be transparent about property taxes

he Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA) has called on the Federal Labor party to announce what they plan to do about existing negative gearing and capital gains taxation arrangements if elected.

The call comes following a recent announcement by the Leader of the Opposition, Bill Shorten, that there would be no decisions until after the Federal Election.

REIA President Adrian Kelly said all Australians deserved to know what the Federal Labor Government planned to do if elected and questioned whether they were keeping quiet in an attempt to mitigate voter backlash in the lead up to the election.

“It is not acceptable to appear to be ‘having a couple of bob each way’ in the lead up to the election. There is already enough market uncertainty particularly in the larger states and a “nothing to see here” approach will only exacerbate this uncertainty.

“The ALP needs to come clean with what its election policies actually are so that all Australians – including the nearly 100,000 real estate businesses across Australia together with their employees and families – know exactly what they will be voting for and can make an informed decision at the ballot box,” Mr Kelly said.

Based upon previously announced taxation policies from the Federal Labor party, REIA have highlighted which Australians will be most affected by these changes.

According to REIA, the big ‘losers’ would be:

  • Mum and dad’ investors who want to buy an existing investment property to supplement their retirement savings will no longer be able to claim a modest taxation deduction.
  • Home owners who will see additional downward pressure on home prices in an already falling national market.
  • Tenants who will see their rents rise just as they did under the Hawke/Keating experiment in the 1980s.
  • Builders and their ‘tradies’who will build less houses as shown by independent research undertaken for the Master Builders Association last year.
  • State Governments and their constituents who will receive less transfer duty revenue to spend on much needed infrastructure.

“REIA welcomes the promise to consult but let’s do that now, not after the election, and let’s look at all property taxes in a holistic approach and not just negative gearing and capital gains tax as if that’s the panacea to housing affordability,” Mr Kelly said.

Find out more about negative gearing and why it’s positive for West Australians.

Why the first property you buy is the most important of all

Buying property will undeniably be the largest and potentially, the most profitable investment you make.

Your first home is what gets you on the property ladder and can either set you up for the future or hold you back from your long term dream property.

For some, your first home will not be the one you raise your family in, but it is another step in the right direction and if you make the right decisions with your first house, you will be able to secure your ideal family home in an area you love.

Generally speaking, it is natural to have emotions running high when you make that first purchase, as the house hunting and finance process can be exhausting. Try to avoid this by taking your time to research, seek professional advice and make a decision based on your budget and lifestyle goals.

Months, even years of savings could all be sacrificed for a property you buy that loses you money. Alternatively, a clever first purchase that grows in value could leave you never having to save money again for a deposit on your next home.

REIWA President Damian Collins said the first home you buy is the most important because its capital growth is how you create equity to be able to afford to trade up to the next home.

“Most people buy at the lower end of the property market for their first home and through their lives, many move into higher price brackets as their family and income grow,” Mr Collins said.

The first step to achieving your house goals is saving a deposit for your first property purchase. How much you save can ultimately affect what, where and when you buy, as well as how much you are able to borrow from the bank. All of these factors will point to you being ready or not to buy a property that will give you the best first start in the property market.

Think long term, not just about the appeal of the property today. The best way to set yourself up is through your first home purchase, this again comes back to ensuring your first property is a smart investment decision.

“Quite often existing homes that are a little older in established suburbs grow in value more than brand new homes in the outer suburbs. It’s nice to have everything brand new, but remember, the first property is the stepping stone to your dream home,” Mr Collins said.

It is important to consider your long term goals, as many people strive to raise their families in nice communities close to schools, parks and recreational facilities. Get yourself used to the locations you like living in and where you can see yourself raise your children or if you plan to in the future.