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Saying Goodbye to a family’s best friend Spot after 16 years of doggy love

Sadly on Tuesday my husband Mike and I had to say goodbye to our family dog Spot of 16 years. As sad as it was, it really was time for him to go as he was getting too old to do anything for himself and we did not want to see him suffer any longer.

When the kids, Merv and Nikky were growing up he was their best friend and we all loved him dearly. He was a Kelpie Crossed something and we think it was Bully because of the pink nose but still unsure to this day. But it didn’t matter to us as we loved him anyway.

For the past 10 years he has lived with my son Merv and girlfriend Toni and gained brothers in other dogs Diesel and Micro. Merv & Toni went away 6 months ago and Spot came back to the family home with Diesel until they were to return but unfortunately Spot did not make it.

His best mate Diesel will miss him but is getting walked daily and will get some extra love and I think he understands that he is now alone.

Spot loved running, going for walks (sometimes by himself), going to Sorrento beach (also by himself), hanging out with Mike and the kids and playing with other dogs.

He was a lot of fun and has left a lot of memories behind and will be missed dearly by all of us.

Years ago I bought an investment property to rent it out to a client who has just passed away and it is very much missed

Real Estate is my passion and pleasing my clients is my number one priority, along with making people really happy by getting what they want. I do that all the time and it is very satisfying work. I have just lost a very dear client whom I had the pleasure to know and visit once in a while, it is sad to lose someone who has been in our life for many years.

15 Years ago I sold Brian and Coral’s house in Kingsley. One thing that I never could forget was the way the house was presented. Clean as a whistle. I remember Brian wiping my footsteps after I did the home open, that kind of clean!

When I sold the house they gave me another task: Alycee, now you have to find a house for us to rent while we build in our block.

That worried me. How could I find a house for these people as clean as their way to live? No way would I find a house that clean.

My search continued and I was frustrated looking at homes that didn’t match their needs.

Then, one day, as we went on a “Caravan” which is called the inspection on all the new listings coming to the market every week, I went to inspect a property in Hillarys and at the front door the owner asked all of us Agents to remove our shoes. It was a delightful, clean, airy and bright 3 bedroom home.

I saw the house and said to myself: this is it. This is a great rental for Brian, Carol and the children. In fact it was only one child as the other 2 had already moved out.

So, I called the Agent and made an offer on the house which was accepted.

Then I called Coral and said: I bought a house for you today and made settlement 5 days earlier than yours. Great location and super clean. Would you like to view it? I can arrange with the owners. Surprised with her response: No, I trust you. If you say is good for us we will move in when the time comes.

During that month waiting for the settlement I grew worried not knowing if Coral and Brian would be happy with the house.

Finally Settlement came and I called Coral and said: By the way, I got the keys for the house and you can move anytime now. Would you like to see it?

Coral answered: too busy, we are moving day after tomorrow. Leave the key in the meter box and we go in when the movers gets there. Okay.

Coral and Brian went in the day they moved in. Never before. They lived there until their house was finished, almost 2 years.

Then, Coral called me and said, by the way, my son Jason wants to rent your home. Can he? Of course!

Jason moved in and stayed there for a long time until one day he said: I have to buy a house. Can you help me?

Sure I said! I bought a house for Jason, bought a house for Nikky and family, bought an investment for Brian and Coral and so on and so on.

Now, Brian has gone just so suddenly and I have my story to tell. Miss you, Brian! I love your family very much.

Good bye!