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Do you need a painter? I recommend the best one: Danilo

Danilo is my son in law and has been painting since he was 12, going to various
job sites with his dad. Weekends were often spent at work, and this is possibly the foundation for his work ethic.

He has mastered his skills since then, with over 20 years in the industry, and everyone who has used Danilo’s services is
extremely satisfied.

Danilo is also very professional, reliable, and leaves his jobs in a neat condition. I know this because I’m even hired him to paint my own house!
All my clients has reported their satisfaction too.

Aside from being a painter/decorator, his years in the trade industry have left him with other skills too. Need pictures hung, cabinets assembled, various things repaired, or just a fresh coat of paint around the place?

Call Danilo! 0405092249

How to maximise your selling price

21 December 2016
Author: REIWA President Hayden Groves

Often home owners who decide to sell finally get around to completing jobs around the house they had been intending to do for years.

Fixing the paving, painting the front fence and repairing the side gate are typical examples of ‘little’ jobs that fit into the “I must get to that one day” category.

The little jobs matter
When preparing your home for sale, these ‘little’ jobs are important in achieving an expedient sale at the highest possible selling price. This is because buyers typically notice the little jobs too; an ill-fitting gate is easily and cheaply repaired, yet can loom large in the buyer’s mind as a more major problem that hints at other areas of the property being neglected.

Beware of over-capitalising
Of course, you need to be cautious about “over-capitalising” when preparing to sell. Replacing a bathroom and renovating a kitchen are expensive and, depending on the property and its location, may prove counterproductive in the effort to achieve the best price.

For example, if you were to take a quality home on a lot worth $700,000 in a suburb where the median house price was of that same value, then investing in a new kitchen and bathroom that cost, say, $80,000 may not be the best idea, as it is probably more difficult to sell that property at $800,000. This is partly because it is already above the suburb’s median house price.

Conversely, an original cottage in a well-established affluent suburb is more likely to benefit from renovations when preparing to sell due to the higher demand for “finished” properties in those sought-after areas.

How to present your home for sale
Obviously, each property and circumstance engenders a variety of options for sellers when preparing to sell, and opinions from real estate agents on the matter are, as always, subjective.

In general terms however, presenting a clean and tidy home is always going to help your cause in selling at the best price.

A client once suggested to me that you should “present it like you don’t live in it” – which is probably a fair description.

Paint out bright colours on internal walls, de-clutter by storing away trinkets and excess family photos, clear the fridge of magnets and kids’ school art and place items neatly in storage cupboards.

Small things do make a difference. Paint and gardens are two areas of focus that can make a disproportionate difference to the selling price (relative to their cost and the effort involved).

These tasks can usually be completed by the seller themselves which helps keep costs down and can make an amazing difference to the presentation of the home and therefore the price of the property.

To find a REIWA real estate agent to help sell your home, visit AgentFinder.

3 more people that I am dependent on.


Doug Henderson is a SUPERB electrician!

I confess that when Ken Gimm told me that he was retiring I was devastated! How would I ever be able to find another electrician like him?

Surprisingly, I did! My favourite hairdresser Sallie, from Indigo Hair Design,  introduced me to her husband Doug, an electrician by trade.

I had the pleasure of using Doug’s services in my own home, as an exhaust fan had malfunctioned, and so I became another of his many satisfied customers. I have since passed on his details to a lot of my clients, who have joined the satisfied ranks.

Do you need an electrician? Call Doug!

Plumber? Well, Murphy and Sons are the people to call for!

My husband says that he has to claim the Murphy’s on income tax as our dependants because we’ve used them so many times for our properties. He makes a joke of it.

They are reliable, professional and I can count on them 100%.

You can too. Call Kevin or Gerard, they are my number ONE choice!

Sallie Henderson is not a tradesperson but she is the best Hair Designer!

I usually do my hair every weekend so I am well-groomed for my home opens to go meet people.

I have sent a lot of people to Sallie and everyone goes back to her just like me.

One of my friends recently moved to Sydney and wanted to take Sallie with her.

She even does your hair on Sunday if you need to or meet a client at 6AM if they ask you to!

She is tireless! She cuts men’s hair also.

Sallie did my daughter’s wedding hair and bridesmaids . So she can do weddings and all kinds of events.

Indigo Hair Design is the place to go.


I’ve just GOT to tell you about my 3 favourite tradesmen

Gilberto is my personal “Edward Scissorhands”

He is so talented! He has 5 hedges in his front garden shaped like chairs.
It comes to him naturally as I watched him shaping my hedges and trees in my garden.
Gilberto does a lot of things in the garden, so I usually recommend him to my clients.

Bob is my favourite A to Z  Handyman.

I recommend Bob for  fixing gutters, sliding doors not running properly or broken, small touch up jobs, or for practically ANYTHING that has broken in the house.
He puts the ‘handy’ in handyman with his knack of facing things!
He is reliable, honest and reasonable.

Danilo is the best painter ever!

He is my son in law but I am not biased when I say he is the best!
He has been painting since he was 12 years old following his Dad to work. That is a lot of experience as he has continued in that trade since then, recently branching off into his own business.
He works 7 days a week and never looks at what time it is when he is doing a job.
He is professional, clean, reliable and trustworthy.

Let me know if you need their expertise!



Do you need the best painter for your house. I have one to recommend

Danilo, my son in law, is a very hardworking young man.

He comes from a family of painters. His Dad and his uncles have operated painting businesses both north and south of the river for the last 40 years.

Danilo followed in his father’s footsteps starting with going to work with his Dad on weekends at the tender age of 12.

He is a very professional painter and now, after 20 years in the painting industry, he is starting his own Painter Decorator/Handyman business and that is the reason I am promoting him in my newsletter.

If you need a painter who is reliable, professional and clean, or just have some odd jobs around the house that need doing, give Danilo a call.





Podium Pods – Bathroom systems that win on time, quality and budget

All developments are a race to get the project completed on time and on budget. In Europe and Asia, they’ve long realised modular construction is the most efficient way to ensure a smooth, successful build. Now, Podium Pods can put your build in a winning position with our high quality, factory finished bathrooms and modular constructions in Perth, WA.

We can produce innovative modular bathrooms for any multi-unit project including:

  • Luxury apartments
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Aged care
  • Residential accommodation.

Podium Pods, are a part of the McNally Group who have over 25 years of experience in modular construction in Perth. Their pod construction process is based on world’s best practice in offsite construction. All modular bathrooms in Perth are designed with transportation, long term-maintenance and access in mind.

At Podium Pods, when you order a modular bathroom in Perth, you enjoy production line efficiencies and a consistent quality controlled build, while still enjoying full design freedom.

To find out more about Podium Pods visit their website, call them on 9437 4333 or email them at

How to prepare your property for a photoshoot

You have made the decision to sell your home or investment property and you have chosen your real estate agent and signed all the paperwork.

Well take a deep breath because the hard bit is over, you have made your decision!

But before you can have your first home open you need to make sure all the artwork such as the sign and brochures and online advertising is done and let’s be honest you want your house to look good.

The first step is to have the photography done of your home, but you don’t want to just have a photographer come out and just snap away. You need to make sure the house is ready, like a woman (or man if he takes pride in his appearance) going out she prepares herself and does her hair, makeup and chooses her clothes and shoes before she sees anyone.

Well it’s the same for your property before the photographer arrives, you want to make sure your property is looking it’s best so I’ve given you a checklist courtesy of Evolution Photo Media to help you get your property ready for it’s very own selfies.


  • Declutter and clean the house inside and out
  • Make sure that ALL light fixtures and lampshades are working both indoor and outdoor
  • Hide personal items like family photos, religious artefacts and political symbols
  • Hide festive and sports decorations like Christmas trees and posters
  • Touch up or repair any painting, rendering, weather boards or brickwork that nee attention
  • Remove all rugs and doormats
  • Hide ANY evidence of pets like kennels, pet bowels etc
  • Minimise number of people and pets in the property during the photoshoot


  • Hide tea towels, kitchen sponges and detergents, tissue boxes, remote controls, bills etc
  • Remove appliances and cutlery from kitchen bench
  • Clean all surfaces and mirrors including windows, baths and showers
  • Make sure all curtains and blinds are in working order
  • Get ideas from interior design magazines to position the furniture at their best places
  • Hide ALL shampoo bottles, soaps, tooth brushes, bath mats, bins etc in the bathroom and showers
  • Remove old towels and facecloths from bathroom rails
  • Hide or remove visible electrical cords and cables
  • Remove all calendars and posters from walls and surfaces
  • Beds must be made with clean linen or covers
  • Make sure things tucked under the beds and furniture are not visible
  • Adjust cushions and pillows
  • Uncover pool tables and set up with balls and cues
  • Clear fridge of all magnets, stickers and pictures


  • Remove vehicles from carport, driveway and verge or keep in the garage with the door closed
  • Trim trees and bushes, mow lawns and clean landscape
  • Hide tools, brooms, toys and tidy up pots etc
  • Tidy up deck, BBA area and outdoor furniture
  • Uncover the pool and/or spa and hide kreepy krawly
  • Clear clothes lines of clothes, pegs and hanging baskets
  • Sweep pathways and blow away fallen leaves
  • Roll or remove all hoses
  • Hide wheelie bins

The idea of removing all your personal belongings and having everything just right is so that your potential buyers can not only see your property at it’s best but having minimum to no clutter and presenting it like a magazine gives them the vision to see the potential with their own belongings which makes it personal for them.

Doing all of these things helps the photographer to get the best possible photos, which gives your property the best chance of catching the attention of buyer and selling it.

If you have made the decision to sell and want me to help you, give me a call and I will bring my photographer.

My unit in Sorrento gets a makeover and WOW

A long time ago I purchased a 2 bedroom unit that had been renovated with “Eagles” colours all bright yellow and deep blue.

The unit is situated across from a park with ocean glimpses from the lounge and ocean views from the front porch and it made me think that I could live here, in my “Old age”.

Over the years and a few tenants I have been fixing the plumbing and other bits and pieces and decided I had enough of fixing and it’s time for some upgrades.

I found Gary Randall and his adorable good looking teenage son who was able to do the job for me renovating the bathroom, laundry and also kitchen floors and then I found Tony Pace who will come to do the painting. So stay tuned for the finished product!

Let’s have a fresh start with new tenants in an adorable unit just a stroll from the beach and all the cafes.

And the award for Best lawn goes to….

Every day when I leave or come home, I drive past a beautiful carpet of lawn that is fresh, lush and really makes you feel like you just want to take your shoes off and walk on it.

There are a few homes that have nice lawn but the best lawn in our whole neighbourhood is at number 5 Minden Rise, Sorrento.

Sue Coultas looks after with the help of her son Jeffries and I don’t know what they do to it to keep it so green and fresh because it looks like a lot of work but it sure is a pleasure to look at.

I’m not the green thumb type myself, which is probably a good thing because I have nothing but concrete!

What are your tips for great lawn all year round?

Spring into action and get your home ready for Summer

With spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start thinking about the future and getting ready for the Summer months ahead.

While it’s not too hot and on the days the sun is shining, why not head outside and clear out the weeds, trim the trees and bushes and make your garden ready for Summer. Excess weeds that are left and die off and dry up can also be a fire hazard so keeping your gardens clean, fresh and manicured can help your property look good and be safer too.

Spring is also the perfect time to get rid of the extra clutter around the house and in the garage. You know those empty boxes, broken things and stuff you no longer use or need, well why not put them in the bin or take them to the Good Sammies if they are still usable.

If you do have a lot of things that you just want to keep but have nowhere to store them, there are plenty of shops around now where you can get some great storage containers to store things and organise your belongings instead of just shoving them into a cardboard box. Stores like Howards Storage World has a lot of great options and ideas to help you and they are located all around Perth.

Also, if you have any old newspapers you have piling up please let me know and I can come and collect them and give them to the Lions Club.

Perhaps you are thinking of selling and don’t know where to start? Well doing all these things are the best thing you could do before getting someone in to give you a market appraisal.

There is nothing like having a clean, fresh house free of clutter, although having a cleaning fairy would be a lot easier, I promise doing it yourself will make you feel cleaner, fresh and free of clutter.

With the end of the year fast approaching and if you are thinking of selling or would simply like to sit down with a market expert, then contact me on 0416 188 752 or email me

Spring brings all things creepy crawly and woods worst nightmare …… Termites!

Over the next few months both home owners and tenants should keep their eyes peeled for termite activity in and around the house because early Spring is when they are on the look out for their new home.

Termites start to scout for food and new housing around this time of the year with all the moisture in the air and the temperature starting to rise with Summer on it’s way, making it ideal for re colonising.

Here is some tips to discourage Termites from using your home as their new nest

  • Termites are attracted to wood, so remove potential termite food such as old stumps, timber stack and building refuse away from your home
  • Remove all waste timber from construction activities that is left in place or stored under the house
  • Use treated or naturally resistant timber when it is in contact with, or close to, soil
  • Fix leaking water pipes, drains, showers, sinks etc, plus capture water from air conditioning units as termites are attracted to water
  • Termites prefer humid conditions, so keep air under the house dry by improving sub-floor ventilation, drainage and access
  • Termites cannot chew through properly laid concrete, so ensure concrete slab is properly designed, compacted, and cured
  • Termite colonies can sometimes be located – it is possible to eliminate colonies by killing the reproductives (the queen and the king).

Regular inspections are the most important part of controlling termites before they do any damage so call your local Pest Inspection company or give me a call for a referral.