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And now for my 3 favourite service providers:


Steve is my favourite White ant man.

He owns

Steve has never failed me. Sometimes when I had forgotten to do it and was reminded by my favourite Settlement Agent, I would call Steve and ask him ‘Could you please save my life?’

Steve would do it pronto!

He is very cautious, provides pictures of locations inspected and he is very reasonable too besides being a great professional and super reliable.


Andrew Scales is my favourite Building Inspector.

Andrew works for Professional Property consulting and the good thing about Andrew is that he makes himself available to serve you. He also provides an extensive report of the property and gives his suggestions for future maintenance.

I will always recommend Andrew to do your Building Structural Report.

Joanne Simpson is my favourite Settlement Agent

15 years ago when I was introduced to Joanne to do a Settlement for  a deal, I was so impressed with her services, following up and keeping me on my toes, that I have always referred Joanne to my clients.

I only met Joanne properly years later but I trust her and admire her professionalism, promptness and reliability.

I always recommend Joanne to all my clients.

P.S. In my Business Directory you can find all my “helpers”