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Had Home Opens on Xmas Eve and New Years Eve surprised with a high turn out.

Who says no one would show up on Christmas or New Years Eve home opens?
I think I was mistaken thinking that way in the past but since I wasn’t as busy as usual I decided to go ahead with my home opens.
I had Home Open at 19 Justin Drive, Sorrento and loads of buyers through!
Not only did I have a high number of prospective buyers but I got an offer on the 1st day of the Year!
Does that means I am having a good start to the year?
You bet!
There are buyers out there no matter what the state of the market.
This is a tip for myself for future events, open homes on all occasions, except on Mother’s Day!

Merry Christmas Mysteries at my door…

Gifts at my door step and don’t know where they came from.

I love Christmas  and I love to give presents at Christmas. I never expect anything back and when I receive a gift I feel overwhelmed and embarrassed .

Someone has been dropping gifts at my door step and I don’t know who they are.

Thank you!

I received a lovely bottle of champagne and chocolate . No card. Who are you?

Thank you!

I also received a lovely basket of Christmas goodies. Was it you?

And a bag of baby items from Hunter & Jade, this one is a real doozie.


One Mystery gift solved: I found one of the culprits

Thank you Stella! Mystery solved.

We found the basket of goodies without a name at all. I asked some of the neighbours and could not find out who left the gift! This morning we found a card with a bit on scotch tape on it. Eureka! The wind had made the card fly away from the gift. Interesting story, eh?

***UPDATE 2***

My daughter was able to solve another of the mysteries. She entered a competition online for some baby products, and won a Hunter & Jade pack, which she has now passed on to a friend who is expecting. A baby teething ring with matching bib, and some natural nappy balm and vapour rub. How sweet.

Now we have to find out who left the other one.

Did you?


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Another great house in demolition stage in Sorrento.

img_2771 img_2776

Another great house in demolition stage now in Sorrento. I am sure another fantastic home will be built in its place.

Sorrento is changing. Owners are demolishing their homes to build new ones as they cannot find a better place to live than here. With the high cost of renovations, sometimes the best way to get exactly what you want is start from scratch.

I live in Sorrento and walk every morning from my house to the Surf Club. I can see on my walk what is happening in the streets I go by. The old homes have been replaced by brand new modern structures and clean designs, obviously high ceilings and very trendy features. I also drive along other streets in Sorrento and have been noticing all of the changes.

That means the residents don’t want to leave the suburb, they want to keep living in it. And why would;t they? We’re close to the pristine beaches of the West Coast, a scenic drive if it’s too hot to walk, the Marina has undergone so many changes in the time I have lived here, it’s a real hive of activity; or if you’re after something quiet there are a few lovely coastal cafes where you can take in the vista and have a smoothie or a coffee. We live in paradise!

There are very few blocks available for sale here. Act now and buy one so you don’t miss out. There isn’t much land available!



Our S.I.N.ers party was fabulous!

We, the S.I.N.ers ( Sunset International Neighbours) are a group of friends founded in 1990 when I first arrived in Australia and meet every Month on a Monday  in each other’S home for lunch each one bringing a plate of food to share.

I always bring a cake that I pick up somewhere as I don’t cook, except a turkey for Christmas. I am a master chef when comes to cook a turkey if I say so myself.

On this last Monday we had our S.I.N.ers Christmas Party at Jean’s as we do every year at her house.

Jean is  a marvellous hostess. Her house totally decorated for Xmas, the table set up for Xmas, the air, the whole atmosphere Christmassy .

What a party! We were 24 people plus my grandson and a couple of grandkids too.

I taken pictures but forgot to do a selfie so I was there behind the camera sort of speak .

We also exchange gifts and had a game of the white elephant, where you either open a present or pick someone’s else present if you prefer. We all had a ball!

Merry Christmas to you all!

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Christmas is here for me already

Changing the old for the new. And selling the old one. Any takers?



Double the fun. 2 Home Opens in one day.

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Am I retired? Not yet. I have lots of energy to sell your home but due to my experience, ability, knowledge and very rich database I sell the homes too quick and then I don’t have anymore listings to sell.

Look what happened to my latest listing: 59 Parnell Ave, Marmion was SOLD on the first weekend. 16 viewers and 7 more enquiries and BANG, like the quick and the dead, gone! 2 offers were presented and a couple more people had interest but they had to sell their homes first.

I need more homes to sell because I’ve met very serious buyers that are “hot to trot”. And these buyers are looking from Hillarys to Trigg.
Can I have your house to sell?

At this stage of my life I’ve decided that I am going to sell homes only if I get called in. I am not chasing anyone. You all know that I have the experience, the knowledge and the richest database an agent can have. Plus I have the facilities too, working in an office full of excellent reps who are keen on team work and always ready to gather their buyers and take them to all our listings which are most suitable to them.

Am I retired? Not yet. I have lots of energy to sell your home. I love to meet buyers and I’m never tired to do Home Opens or take buyers to see homes.

If you have a home to sell, whether it be your residence or your investment or even vacant land, please give me a call. I am getting older but I’m still tirelessly selling homes.

One of the greatest “landmark home” in Sorrento has a new owner!

This beautiful home now has a new owner. A lovely couple with 2 boys to enhance our neighbourhood.
The boys are 8 and 12 years old and very friendly attitude.
17 Lacrosse Rise spreads onto 2 blocks and had been the largest home built in Sorrento around 1998/2000.
Fantastically well presented and very well kept by the previous owners.
I can proudly stated that I have sold this property in the 2 occasions: First time in 2003 and now in 2016.

Dream Investment Opportunity

49/1 Padbury Circle
Sorrento, WA, 6020
Apartment:   1 / 1

Open Sunday 14th February 1:00pm – 1:30pm


Foreign Investors Welcome
This splendid spacious Luxury Spa Unit in the spectacularly located Sorrento Beach Resort is managed by the resort – so investors have no tenancy or maintenance worries!

It is a stress free investment set in the hub of the sea change life stylers environment.
Close to the excitement at Hillary s Boat Harbour and in an area that has a shortage of Short Term accommodation, this fabulously located complex is only steps from the ocean.Buy this and make an excellent addition to your Investment port folio or Super Scheme.

Gross income for the last financial year was $17,033

Call me for more information on 0416 188 752.

****** Please note that photographs are of a similar apartment of a similar standard and size.

For Rent – Low maintenance property in Sorrento

Available for Rent – 4B Shark Court, Sorrento
$475 per week

This low maintenance 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom property is situated in Sorrento. This home is only minutes from the beach, cafe strip, parks and the very popular World Class Hillarys Marina.

Available now, if you would like to view this property please contact me on 0416 188 752.

How To Determine Your Sorrento Property’s Selling Appeal

The Department of Housing, jointly with the Department of Planning, in Australia, commissioned a rather large survey of property buyers. The objective was to identify the housing preferences of West Australians.

The study went deep into property buying patterns and queried 1000’s of real estate buyers and investors. The result of the study was a clear picture that every property seller was looking for (but could not find). It answered questions like: What type of housing do buyers prefer? What are they willing to sacrifice when their budget falls short? And more.

I read between the lines and came up with a list of factors that should help Sorrento property sellers determine their property’s selling appeal. Some information may seem obvious, but is important nevertheless.

Here we go: Factors That Will Help Determine A Sorrento Home’s Selling Capability (in order of importance)

1. Location: Couples and families preferred easy access to work because they perceived the time taken in commuting to be wasteful.

Families with children preferred buying a home that had easy access to their children’s school.

Singles and childless couples wanted easy access to nightlife so that they could save on taxi charges.

Older property buyers desired homes that were close to supermarkets and shopping areas. Many folks in this demographic wanted accessibility to public transport to reduce dependence on their own car. Older and working people who favoured driving their own car wanted ease of access (wide roads, easy accessibility to property) to the CBD.

2. Price: Though we are currently operating in a buyer’s market, the correction in home prices has likely been priced in.

The study was generated some time back, price has, is and will always be a major factor for investors (for obvious reasons) and a somewhat important factor for other buyers. Properties are now going at affordable rates and many experts reckon that now is the time to buy property especially in suburbs like Sorrento where home availability is gradually drying up.

A typical issue faced by most buyers is that they were unable to find a pleasant location within their budget. But that’s a universal problem and every buyer has to make a few trade-offs before striking the deal.

Though younger people preferred a house, they were okay in buying an apartment because it was within their budget.

Owner-occupied housing was preferred over rental housing – maybe because buyers felt that owners take better care of their properties (and they are right).

3. Neighbourhood: Factors such as lots of trees, a pleasant ambience, nice, friendly neighbours, area reputation, number of families living in the area, and quality of housing were evaluated by almost all home buyers. Newly developed areas were perceived to be of “low character” by most buyers.

It’s a no-brainer that there is a lot of noise in a neighbourhood full of singles. On the flipside, a neighbourhood full of families is most likely a calm and peaceful area.

4. Home Design and Features: House buyers also attached a lot of importance to indoor space and outdoor facilities.

Many buyers (and all investors) considered the property’s investment potential as very important.

Older properties in peaceful and populated areas were regarded as full of character and therefore as better investments.

Indoor design factors such as well placed rooms, fixtures, insulation, sun/breeze penetration, orientation, factors that help reduce the need for cooling/heating, rain water harvesting, and solar panels helped sellers bump up the price.

Pensioners, singles and those who live on fixed incomes generally avoided homes/apartments with high maintenance charges.

Migrants and younger people were willing to live in apartments — others preferred houses.

5. Detached Dwellings v/s Apartments: When this study was conducted, most buyers preferred detached dwellings over apartments. This holds true even today. Families with children wanted them to play outdoors and in close proximity.

Home buyers, and even investors, hated noisy areas and considered living in apartments as living in a “noisy zone.” However, people from other countries were okay with buying an apartment – they could live with the noise.

Many home buyers also did not prefer apartments because the strata fees were very high, though some buyers were okay with them because they got access to facilities like a swimming pool and a gym.

Renters, however, preferred apartments over detached dwellings. Renters also preferred a 2-bedroom apartment over a 1-bedroom unit because if the rents got too high, they could sublet one room to lessen the blow.

Older folks with grandchildren desired low maintenance charges and lots of space – which made for a difficult combination.

Older folks also did not prefer retirement living villages because their families would find these too far to pay a visit.

Reasons for buying a home (according to the same study)

There were many reasons why buyers were in the market to buy a home, and you may not have considered some of these:

  1. For investment purposes (most property experts reckon that Sorrento property prices will rise)
  2. They may have gotten a job in your location
  3. Because they were downsizing and want to move into a smaller home
  4. Because the home was situated in a better location (closer to public transport, school, work, nice neighbourhood, facilities, etc.)
  5. Personal circumstances (marriage, divorce)
  6. Having saved up enough, a renter may have wanted to become a buyer. Or maybe the buyer had reached that stage in life where he would be more comfortable if he had a roof over his head.
  7. If buying a home could have helped saving money.
  8. The new home was bigger and better – both outside and inside.

After reading this guide you will understand how home buyers think while evaluating your property in Sorrento or anywhere else.

Use this guide to figure out your home’s selling appeal and as a handy tool to understand buyer psychology – but do not forget to evaluate current market trends or talking to your real estate agent before setting your selling price.