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Landlords vital in the fight against homelessness

Homelessness remains a problem in WA and there is much to be done to help our fellow West Australians affected by this.
National Homelessness Week kicks off on Monday 6 August, with this year’s campaign reminding Australians ‘there’s always something you can do’.

As part of the campaign, Shelter WA will be running a series of events in the metro area to raise awareness of homelessness across the state. Landlords Making A Difference is one of these events (details available at, with WA landlords invited to attend to hear from government, industry and not-for-profit sector speakers about the actions they can take – small and large – to help in the fight against homelessness.

WA needs more diverse rental housing

The private rental market plays a vital role in helping to provide safe, affordable and accessible housing. Recently, REIWA met with Shelter WA to discuss our shared priorities of delivering a more diverse range of rental properties to accommodate WA’s changing housing needs.

Currently, the WA rental market does not adequately cater to those most at risk of homelessness, with Anglicare WA’s 2018 Rental Affordability Snapshot highlighting this issue. The snapshot found less than a quarter of rental properties in Perth are affordable for families where one parent is earning the minimum wage and the other is caring for small children, while even fewer properties are affordable to those who receive a pension or other forms of income support.

While these big, systemic issues can feel beyond the scope of any individual, there are still plenty of things landlords can do to make a difference. For example, allowing pets in the home can make a big difference to someone who is fleeing family violence and looking for a new place to rent, but is fearful of leaving their pet behind.

Victims of family violence at risk

Family violence is a key contributor to homelessness. Victims of family violence suffer significant hardships when they are forced to leave a rental home. They are at risk of homelessness, loss of employment opportunities and disruption to their children’s education. They also frequently carry the financial burden when a tenancy ends, such as paying unpaid bills they are not wholly responsible for.

Supporting these victims is just one way landlords can make a difference. REIWA recognises the role our industry plays and we are supportive of the Government’s efforts to amend the Residential Tenancies Act to better assist victims of family violence. We have been working with the Government to ensure appropriate safeguards are in place to maintain a supportive environment for property investment, while ensuring victims have better protection within the context of a residential setting.

We all have a part to play in helping those who struggle to find appropriate housing opportunities. I encourage everyone to look at the small ways they can help make a big difference to those sleeping rough on our streets this Homelessness Week.

Support WA’s homeless

If you’d like to help out those sleeping rough on our streets, please consider donating.

By doing so, you’ll be helping REIWA’s Community REInvestpartner, The Salvation Army, provide much-needed services to those in need such as meals, accommodation and crisis counselling.

Donate now

Are you a holiday renter and looking for a 6 month holiday home away from home?

My friends live in Sorrento and want to rent their home while they are in Europe.

They will not be looking for a massive amount of weekly rent and they have no pets, so the house does not need to be looked after.

If you are thinking of having a “holiday from your own home” or if you are building a house and have sold yours or if you need a place for 6 Month only, totally furnished, here is a possibility.

It is a double storey home in Sorrento and close to all amenities with a park close by, bus stop only a short walk and the Marina isn’t far either.

My friends are leaving next year around March to June and staying away for 6 Months so you have time to prepare and organise your thinking.

Let me know in the comments below or email me at and I will send the information to my friends to contact you.

Family Travels, Comings and Goings, Holidays, Horses and Honeymoons

After stalking my kids and following them to Europe, I am very happy to have my daughter Nikky and her husband Danilo back home from their 9 week holiday through Europe.

Nikky and Danily left on the 30th of July and flew to Belgium to start their over due honeymoon. They met up with my son Merv and his girlfriend Toni and they all travelled together stopping in Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague and then to Italy where Mike and I surprised them.

Nikky and Danilo then continued on alone to Lisbon, 3 weeks in Madeira to meet Danilo’s family, Lisbon again to stay with my friend from a long time ago, Paris, Madrid, England, Jersey back to Italy and then to Amsterdam again for their return flights to Perth. They are very happy to be back but had the time of their lives and many stories to tell.

If you want some tips on where to go and what to do in any of those places just let me know and I will ask them.

Meanwhile, Merv and Toni are now in Canada staying with his Auntie and Uncle in Nova Scotia. They live on a farm and keep and show Clydesdale Horses at Exhibitions and Fairs and they have been having fun living a country life. They left 6 months ago and have covered roughly 16 countries and still have more to go.

Thanks to technology I am able to speak them on a regular basis with Facetime on Iphones and Facebook and Skype on the computer but I still miss them very much.

You can see what they are up to follow their blog below

I have a very healthy list of tradespeople if you look in my Business Directory I am missing something and that is a House sitter for free. Pack your back pack and go

People go on holidays for 2, 3 weeks or longer and they prefer to leave their pets in their own enviroment. The only thing they need is someone to stay in their house to look after the cat, walk and feed the dog.

What is the benefit to you if it is for free?

Well, for instance, you are living with the boyfriend in your parent’s home. Wow, that would be a great time to have a holiday and give a holiday for your parents.

Change of scenery, normal life in different home. You would not have any expense. Cook and eat what you find in the pantry, sleep in different bed. It is like to be in holidays except you carry on with your life as usual.

If you tired to impose on your adult children. Take a “holiday” house sitting for someone that needs.

I have a request for September, another for November or other even sooner.


Pack your back pack and your boyfriend and go for some “holiday” away from home but just nearby

Just keep in touch I may have someone who needs your help.

Also if you are interested in having someone house sitting for you, let me know and I can put you in contact with the ones who will do the house sitting.

By the way, I am not charging for this service. This is the idea I had due to the requests I had. People asking me if I know who would do house sitting.

I would love to help.

My son Merv and girlfriend Toni started their trip around the World for 1 year.They also have a blog to tell what is happening on their travels through their blog.

Well this is the beginning of our worldwide journey and have been looking forward to this for a long time. But now we have started and there is no turning back now!

Thanks for seeing us off at the airport mum, I love you and hope to see you somewhere else on the earth on our worldly journey. You always help in nifty little ways so thanks.

It was great to see the Tate family at the airport and sorry to see all the tears but don’t worry we will see your faces on Skype from time to time. Gotta love the technology that puts us so much closer together… now we just have to remember to use it!

Learn how to travel with cheaper flights anywhere in the world!

Visit if you wish :

Merv on Skype: blazinged Toni on Skype: shoeqween

We had a pretty painless 3 hour flight to bali with Air Asia on a small and cozy Airbus 320. Flying isnt great at the best of times but seeing the lovely twinkling Perth city from the air at night was a magical experience.

Its been a while since Ive had a night takeoff and wow next time… i’ll keep my camera at the ready. Thanks Air Asia for a comfortable flight and we hope to get the same great service all the way to India. Toni had to stop me clapping on landing but the pilot did a great job.

Immigration was painless as the airport wasn’t very full when we arrived at midnight so we paid our $25 US each for a visa and hit the taxi rank for a ride to the Hotel.

We ended up paying 70,000 rupiah to our Taxi driver get to the hotel in Tuban area just south of Kuta center.

Our last concern was having the hotel let us in at night as we tried calling from Perth a couple times today with no luck, fortunately the check in man was sleeping behind the desk and i managed to wake him with a prod!