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Helping the Association for the Blind, a four legged Pupdate

My friend Jean helps with the Association for the Blind and their four legged helpers.

Some of her helper have left her for their biggest job in their doggy lives and I think she has done a wonderful job helping people have as much a normal life as we do.

They are with wonderful people and learning so much.It is so wonderful to look behind the scenes and see what is being done.

Who would have thought a few years ago that people with limited or no sight would be able to lead such productive lives thanks to a little puppy love.

Saying Goodbye to a family’s best friend Spot after 16 years of doggy love

Sadly on Tuesday my husband Mike and I had to say goodbye to our family dog Spot of 16 years. As sad as it was, it really was time for him to go as he was getting too old to do anything for himself and we did not want to see him suffer any longer.

When the kids, Merv and Nikky were growing up he was their best friend and we all loved him dearly. He was a Kelpie Crossed something and we think it was Bully because of the pink nose but still unsure to this day. But it didn’t matter to us as we loved him anyway.

For the past 10 years he has lived with my son Merv and girlfriend Toni and gained brothers in other dogs Diesel and Micro. Merv & Toni went away 6 months ago and Spot came back to the family home with Diesel until they were to return but unfortunately Spot did not make it.

His best mate Diesel will miss him but is getting walked daily and will get some extra love and I think he understands that he is now alone.

Spot loved running, going for walks (sometimes by himself), going to Sorrento beach (also by himself), hanging out with Mike and the kids and playing with other dogs.

He was a lot of fun and has left a lot of memories behind and will be missed dearly by all of us.