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Spending a week in Sydney visiting friends and relatives.

I am here in Sydney for only one week to visit a very special friend who moved back here a year ago and I miss her dearly. Eliane and her husband Leo, here I am finally! Also I’ll have the chance to meet up with my gorgeous Italian nephew, Michele, and his girlfriend Pearl, who I will be meeting for the first time. Who else is here in Sydney that would like to go for a coffee with me? Just call my mobile or send and email, and I will come and see you too. I would love to meet you all!

I experimented with Sydney transportation and loved the double decker trains plus the politeness of the locals or other tourists like me.
My hosts are fantastic and tomorrow I am going for dinner with Michele and Pearl. I browsed around Castle Hill Shopping Centre which is as big as the one in Joondalup.

The houses here are very different, and driving around I couldn’t see any Suburbs similar to the ones in Perth.
I feel like I am in another country altogether. My only recollection of Sydney from a previous visit is the Darling Harbour.
I never visited any other locations. Now is my chance!

I am very impressed with the efficiency, cleanliness and architectural aspects of this busy city!

Visiting family in Brazil. Exciting, except the politics.

I am away for a long holidays visiting my family in Brazil.
Experiencing the bosom of my family that I haven’t seen for 3 years.
Pictures worth a thousand words.
So here they are:

Painting Classes. Never too late to learn

Susanna is an artist. She paints and she also teaches painting.
She has a fantastic nature and is easy to learn with her.
If you want to pursue a hobby this is so easy.

So proud of Juliana who he doing a tour in Brazil


Juliana Areias is a Brazilian singer in Perth. She performs everywhere and now is in Brazil on a performance tour.

Juliana is known as the ‘Bossa Nova Baby’, a nickname given by Ruy Castro who is the author of Chega de Saudade, a book about the history of Bossa Nova.

Juliana lives in Perth with her 2 children and partner.

She is now launching her first album called Juliana. This album focuses on Bossa Nova but also introduces other rhythms like Samba, Jazz, American Funk, Pop and “Choro”.

She will be performing in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Fortaleza and Brasilia.

Her CD can be downloaded online here and will be for sale at her shows.

Let’s support this marvellous local lady who is a tireless worker and amazing singer!