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Another Birthday? NO! YUK! – copy

  • Buy lots of gold to celebrate or commemorate! He!He!He!
  • My birthday is really on August 14th but because my documentation says January 14th I am getting all these lovely birthday wishes but I have to save them for another 6 months. I was born in a reeeeeeeeeally small town in Minas Gerais. A place called Pedra Corrida, which may not even be on a map these days. This town had no registry office. After my father died my mother remembered I hadn’t been registered so the next time someone made a trip to town she asked them to register my birth.
This wasn’t as simple as hopping in a car and driving for an hour. Back then it was still mostly horses and carriages, and occasionally people travelled by train. They remembered the date, but not the month and put down January, making me a whole 6 months younger, yippee! The registry office at the time said it was good enough, and that’s why I feel I have two birthdays with all of these well wishes coming in.
When I was younger I did 2 birthdays party and sometimes I invited the same friend in 2 parties and the friend would come to me and say: it is funny but I remember I came for your birthday not too long ago…
I haven’t decided which country I will be spending my birthday this year yet. Hopefully somewhere new and exciting! I’m planning on going to Brazil for an extended stay with family in May and will come back in August – the plan is to stop somewhere exotic for my birthday on the way home.
Family and friends wish me happy birthday and make a fuss, spend their money on presents which is great and sweet, but then I really “know” I had “another” birthday, which at my age I’d actually like to forget.
Places I have spent my birthdays:
Hong Kong
New Zealand
South Africa
and others that I cannot remember (and that is probably the age factor lol).
Any suggestions for where to celebrate (commiserate?) next?

Out with the Old and in with the New

So I wrote previously about my cycling encounter with a teenager on his bike. Crash!
My own bike was rather the worse for wear. A total write off in fact! And yet people who see me riding have been confused because it looks in better shape than ever.
I’ll let you know my secret – this is a new bike! But it’s exactly the same model and colour as the old one, which will have to be used for parts. Thankfully the bike was in worse shape than me. New parts for people aren’t quite as easy to come across.
I thought about waiting until Christmas to get a new bike, but I was anxious to continue my cycling. Finally, I found something that makes me want to get up and go do it – and I had to stop to rest my shoulder.
Sorry family, you’ll have to think of a different gift idea this year. I’ve got it covered!

Location! Location! Location! Free Park!

37 Orient Circuit, Hillarys

Make an offer! Asking price: $775000

Professionally freshly painted walls, ceilings and doors, display presentation facing a park!

Double-storey home, with self-contained living on the ground floor.
The upper-floor master bedroom and ensuite flows seamlessly outside to a private Balcony where you can enjoy views of the tree-lined reserve nearby.

Also upstairs are three minor bedrooms and the second bathroom.
You’re so close to the coast where you can enjoy an enviable lifestyle, including golden beaches, Hillarys Marina, with specialty shops and restaurants and public transport.
The home’s kitchen boasts soft-closing cabinetry, dual stainless-steel sink, dishwasher, oversized cavity for a combined fridge/freezer, gas cooktops, 600ml oven and pantry plus a third toilet of the adjacent laundry.
Reverse-cycle, ducted air-conditioning services upstairs and the living areas downstairs.
The double lock-up garage and low maintenance gardens round-out this wonderful home.




Perth property market begins its recovery in December quarter

Perth property market begins its recovery in December quarterNEW
06 February 2018

The Perth property market ended 2017 on a positive note, with December quarter data showing improvements in median prices, sales activity, listing levels and average selling days.

REIWA President Hayden Groves said it boded well for Perth that all key indicators had improved over the quarter.

“The Perth market found its floor and stabilised in the back half of 2017. We now appear to be entering a recovery phase, though REIWA remains cautious about expectations of rapid growth in the next 12 months,” Mr Groves said.

Median house and unit price
Perth’s preliminary median house price increased 1.2 per cent to $516,000 in the December quarter 2017.

“Once all sales have settled, we expect the final December quarter median to lift to $520,000, which is a notable improvement on the September quarter median of $510,000.

“On an annual basis, the Perth market is very stable. We’ve observed consistent price levels between the December 2016 and 2017 quarters which is a strong signifier the market has turned a corner,” Mr Groves said.

Perth’s median unit price is $405,000 for the December 2017 quarter which is a 1.3 per cent increase on the September quarter.

“It’s encouraging to see Perth’s house and unit medians increase over the quarter because it suggests one sector hasn’t recovered at the expense of the other,” Mr Groves said.

Sales activity
There were 4,946 dwelling sales in Perth in the December quarter.

Mr Groves said this figure was expected to lift to 6,700 once all sales had settled, putting it significantly above the September quarter sales figure.

“Traditionally, the September quarter outperforms the December quarter, but that wasn’t the case in 2017. The December quarter is on track to record 14 per cent more sales than the September quarter,” Mr Groves said.

REIWA analysis shows the composition of sales shifted in the December quarter in Perth, with more transactions occurring above $700,000.

“We’ve observed a surge of activity in Perth’s aspirational suburbs, with buyers recognising there is good opportunity to secure a home in these areas which might have previously been considered unattainable by many,” Mr Groves said.

“This spike in sales above $700,000 has also contributed to Perth’s median house price increasing over the quarter.”

Listings for sale
There were 13,088 properties for sale in Perth at the end of the December quarter.

Mr Groves said this was on par with the September quarter figure and six per cent less than the December 2016 quarter figure.

“There were 800 fewer listings in Perth at the end of 2017 than there was in 2016 and some 1,300 less than there were at the same time 2015. We have consistently seen stock levels decline over the last two years as the market trends towards parity,” Mr Groves said.

“Declining listing levels combined with notable improvements in sales activity has helped restore net-demand. With buyer activity increasing, stock levels are being absorbed faster,” Mr Groves said.

Average selling days
It was 10 days faster to sell in the December quarter than it was in the September quarter, with it taking on average 60 days to secure a sale.

It’s been two years since it was this quick to sell in Perth. The combination of sellers’ preparedness to meet the market and buyer appetite for well-priced property has significantly shortened days-on-market,” Mr Groves said.

View more WA market information

Most special welcome on my visit to Sydney

On my recent trip to Sydney I was picked up by my nephew Michele who took me to his flat to meet his partner Pearl. She is a most lovely young lady with good financial sense, and she and Michele plan to buy their own place.

We spent a bit of time talking about Real Estate in Sydney.
*more information about the real estate situation in Sydney? Read the second article of this newsletter.

They both took me to this lovely restaurant La Grappa, situated in “Little Italy” in Leichhardt. We had a fantastic dinner! That night at La Grappa was my first night of adventure in Sydney. They made my stay in Sydney most special.

Michele is one of 3 children of Joanna, my sister in law and Stefano, her husband, who split time between their current home in central Madrid, and their previous home in Lazio, Italy.

Michele’s parents are the most loving people, and I not only admire them, but their three beautiful children too. Michele in Sydney, Beatrice in Madrid and Pierfrancesco in Italy.

Looking forward to return the favour to Michele and Pearl.
See you here at Christmas!

Changes in Real Estate concerning Sellers for properties over $750.000,00

As from July 1, 2017 the changes to this legislation will apply to contracts entered into on or after 1 July 2017 for real property disposals where the contract price is $750,000 or more. Contracts entered into prior to July 1 are exempt
The following matters should be noted:
1. Rules will apply to sales at $750,000 and above.
2. The Buyer has an obligation to deduct 12.50% withholding tax on the sale price unless the seller can supply a FOREIGN RESIDENT CAPITAL GAINS WITHHOLDING CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE.
3. If it is partnership selling the property then all the partners must apply for a clearance certificate in their own name.
4. If it is a trust or superannuation fund selling the property then the trustees must apply for the clearance certificate in the Trustees’ name. 5. Clearance certificates once granted only are valid for a twelve month period What makes this requirement confusing as the name given to these certificates, because it is in fact Australian residents who need to apply for the clearance certificate so that tax is not deducted at the time of sale.
It is imperative that you give this advise to all your Sellers.

It is best to have the Sellers acknowledge this requirement has been brought to their attention and if they wish to obtain further information they should address their enquiries to the Australian Taxation Office.
Nevertheless we should ensure that we have informed the Seller/s of the ATO requirement.

Furthermore all the Agents have an obligation to bring this requirement to the attention of a Buyer.
All the Agencies should have the appropriate forms to inform Sellers and Buyers

It is Gold. No. It is Red. It is my old car shinning like new

After a day…Spirit Graphics sent Jason Evans to remove the wrap wonderfully!

4 Christmas Parties coming up already organised!

Christmas is just around the corner and I haven’t even started to think about what to buy for who.

Our street party is on December 11th at 6PM as usual organised by Lynnette Murphy who takes care of absolutely everything, and every year we have all the neighbours gathering in the cul de sac enjoying each other’s company and catching up with the yearly news.

Next party the S.I.N.ers (Sunset International Neighbours) lunch on December 12th as usual at Jean Doig’s home in Reef Court Sorrento who his the best at organising the Christmas party with turkey and all the trimmings. We all exchange gifts.

The third party is for Ray White North Quays at Cocos Restaurant on December 22nd! Cocos eh! We are really commemorating in style!

Last but not least our family on December 24th with turkey and trimmings and alien (green) pancakes with peaches and cream for breakfast on December 25th and presents after! This year we’ll have a fully mobile toddler running around and hopefully not pulling down the tree!

Where are you going for Christmas this year?

Our children generally split christmas between us an in-laws or partner’s family and nieces and nephews, having dinner here and breakfast elsewhere, presents at two houses and lunch somewhere else. Everybody feeds them. That’s a lot of Christmas cheer, and a fair few meals!

Who will you be spending Christmas  with?


Renovate To Sell: What Are Australian Home Buyers Looking For

wall paintingImage source:

The news on the Australian real estate block seems to be pretty grim this year, as the number of first-home buyers who filed for bank loans hit a decade-long record low. What’s even worse, the prospects for the future don’t look any brighter either, and experts are warning that the housing market may crash altogether by the end of 2017 over high home loan interest rates. On the plus side, the demand for housing is still solid, but home hunters Down Under who have the cash to afford a place of their own are nowadays extremely picky when it comes to the features they’d like to see in their future nest. That’s why real estate sellers who want to get the biggest bang for their property need to be careful when choosing home upgrades to carry out in order to add value to their estates and increase their marketability. If you haven’t been following the housing market developments and demand trends of late, here are some basic tips to help you set home overhaul on the right and profitable foot.

1. State-of-the-Art Wet Areas

kitchen design Image source:

Would you buy a home with a shabby kitchen or bathroom (or both)? Of course not, and neither will a house-hunter who saw the ad for your property in the local listing. Kitchen and shower room renovations are the safest way to increase the value and marketability of your house, so make sure you’ve updated the wet areas before you go on to advertize your property.

bathroom design Image source:

Bathtub, sink, tiles, and other fittings should all look brand new and spotlessly clean, and kitchen cabinets can be updated with a fresh paint coat in a trending hue such as serenity blue, beige, or ivory.

2. Superior-Quality Flooring

flooring Image source:

These days, homebuyers know that flooring types aren’t created equal, and they’ll rather pay a bit more for a home that has easy-cleanup floors crafted from natural materials such as wood or stone. To dial up the aesthetic and functional value of your property, replace worn flooring with hardwood or stone tiles: the upgrade may be costly, but it will help your house achieve a higher contract figure and possibly even trim total DOM time.

3. Second Living Areas Welcome

Young homebuyers these days seek all the comfort and style in a place they’re about to call their home, and a piece of property that has just one living room simply doesn’t cut it for them. Extra living areas such as sunrooms and porches are a huge plus in the eyes of a potential homebuyer, so if you can extend the living area out to the garden, do it. A home extension will increase your property’s appeal in the eyes of young couples and families who always seek additional square footage in their home-to-be.

4. A Leak-Free Roof Overhead

atticImage source:

Another way to pull off the additional habitable space trick is to convert the attic into a nursery or guest room. Loft conversion is an extremely popular renovation project among house flippers these days, as it can add up to 10-15% in value to the final property appraisal figure. Still, you’d better be extremely careful with attic makeovers and take roof update costs into account when devising the renovation budget. After all, the future owner will need a safe roof over their head and in case they detect signs of leaks or roofing defects, they’ll turn on their heel and walk out in a blink.

5. Lights That Make a Home

living room interiorImage source:

Though lighting may not exactly be the first point on your list of property upgrades, it shouldn’t be the last one either. Natural lighting will bring out the best décor aspects in your home, which is why you may want to consider investing property upgrade cash in installation of additional windows or skylights. You can also throw in energy-efficient lighting to add an extra green touch to your home: LED and CFL lights promise long-term utility savings, and Australian homebuyers know this, and they also value such sustainable home features more than previous generations.

The Australian real estate market may not be at its peak these days, but there are still ways for a home seller to capitalize on their property and avoid sale delays. Carry out the right updates and invest a little in your home before you put it up for sale: a full or partial renovation can be a one-way ticket to a greater number of interested buyers, speedier sale, and higher profit. Good luck!

Expansion of Carine SHS, the intake of students into this school and Churchlands SHS.


Seeking Excellence in Education

Principal: Damian Shuttleworth B.Arts. B.Ed

Dear Parent/Carer

I am writing to let you know that the Minister for Education, the Hon Peter Collier MLC, has announced an $18.77 million expansion of our school that will increase our permanent capacity from 1225 students to 1525 students. Building is expected to start in 2018 and be completed in 2020.

The brand new state of the art facilities will include general and specialist classrooms to accommodate an additional 300 students. The new facilities will provide the capacity for us to host a new Gifted and Talented Education Program, focused on STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) education for students that will commence in 2020. This is a particularly exciting opportunity.

Another part of the State Government’s announcement that may affect families at our school is a change to the optional local intake area which provides an entitlement for students to attend either Carine Senior High School or Churchlands Senior High School. From 2024, students within this area will have an entitlement to only enrol at our school.

Students enrolled at their local secondary school in 2023 will be able to complete their schooling at that school. Younger siblings of these students will be able to commence their secondary schooling at that school as long as the older sibling is also enrolled. Once commenced, siblings will be able to complete their schooling at that school.

These announcements are part of a plan to address the significant growth in enrolments in secondary schools in the western suburbs. Also announced is the establishment of a new secondary school to be built on the former City Beach High School site. The new school will open for Year 7 students in 2020 and expand to Year 12 students by 2025.

In addition to our school, new facilities have started to be built at Shenton College and Churchlands Senior High School.

I have attached a factsheet with more details of all these changes and I encourage you to find out more about the western suburbs secondary schooling plan at

This is an exciting development for our school community and I will keep you informed of the changes as they occur. In the meantime, if you have any questions, or would like to discuss how these changes benefit your children, please contact me during Term 4.

Yours sincerely


28 September 2016

Everingham Street, Carine, Western Australia, 6020
Web: 73 164 368 927
Telephone: 08 9243 9100SMS: 0437 284 421



Shirley’s 90th Birthday with the S.I.N.ersbwas a blast!

Mia Cuccina at Hillarys Marina was the venue for a fantastic birthday surprise for my friend Shirley’s Surprise 90th Birthday. Our hostess Tahnee was superb and very caring. A few highlights for the surprise were the unexpected presence of her son Paul, his partner, and his 2 daughters and son. Shirley was really surprised and so pleased.

 img_1768 img_1771 img_1773 img_1793 img_1801 img_1809 img_1811 img_1826

Marion who picked Shirley up to take her for lunch somewhere told Shirley that she had to pick someone up in front of Mia Cuccina. Arriving there and seeing no-one, Marion concocted another story asking Shirley to go inside with her to check inside the cafe. And then she saw everyone there! Marion was a great story-teller.

img_1772 img_1837 img_1838 img_1840

My grandson dipping his toast in the spicy chilli mussel sauce and eating without a complaint was another highlight. As was the delectable cake made by another of our close friends, Katherine. She’s a magician with

Having most of the S.I.N.ers (Sunset International Neighbours) all at this lovely party was the greatest highlight .