A full family fun house, makes me very happy!

I have been having a ball for the past 3 weeks as my niece has flown in from Brazil to stay with us for a week and a half and her son and his girlfriend who live on the Gold Coast have also joined us.

Add my kids and partner’s and baby Kai, and it’s a full house again… Just the way I like it!

It’s hard to believe that Iremar and her son Bernardo were here just 5 years ago for Nikky’s wedding but it was lovely to finally meet his girlfriend Marianne.

We have been to the City and Fremantle, Ive taken them to Mundaring Weir, King’s Park and we even had a full day out to the Pinnacle’s which was very fun.

Apart from the sightseeing there has been plenty of cooking and eating with everyone getting their hands dirty to learn and cook popular Brazilian delights.

Bernardo and his girlfriend unfortunately only stayed a little while but had to head back to the Gold Coast due to study and work commitments but Iremar and myself had a few lovely days catching up and doing the usual things such as shopping.

I am now in Queensland on the Gold Coast to attend Bernardo’s Graduation for University and to become a tourist myself because believe it or not, but I have never been here.

Having an absolute ball and I am back in Perth next week and sad to say my goodbyes but we will see each other again soon, I’m sure!