An update from my son and his travels – Merv and Toni do the Farm Life

My clients and people on my email list often ask me how my son Merv is going on his travels and although I speak to him at least once a week it’s still nice to hear the details of his travels.

So I asked him and his girlfriend Toni to write a post and tell us all about where they are, where they have been and where they are going.


It’s now been over 6 months since we left Perth on April 19th and wow have we travelled and seen and experienced a lot. From swimming with dolphins in Bali and hugging a penguin in Dubai, to great heights up the Burj Khalifa and the Petronas Twin Towers we have travelled over 31,500 kms and still have more to go.

We are currently in Hopewell, Nova Scotia, Canada and living the farm life.  Let me tell you the lifestyle changes we have made not only from our 9 to 5 Perth lifestyle but our recent Here nor There Travellers Lifestyle too.

Merv’s Uncle Lloyd and Aunty Marlene just celebrated their 55th Wedding Anniversary and Lloyd himself his 80th Birthday. They live on a 120 acre lot with their son Ken, who we were lucky to see two years ago when he visited for Merv’s sister Nikky’s Wedding to Danilo.

They keep and train Draft Horses to show at Exhibitions  and shows and currently have 8 horses in the barn with 7 of them being Clydesdales and 1 Percheron.  There is a lot of work that goes into keeping such large horses with feeding 4 times a day, cleaning them and up after them and making sure they are comfortable, exercised and just plain happy.

Keeping Horses and keeping up a farm we quickly learnt that there is always something to do on the farm. We have picked vegetables, ploughed potatoes, moved hay and oats here there and everywhere, we have spread manure over the fields, hitched horses, prepared and eaten 3 square meals each day, moved tons and tons of wood to the new wood pile, secured unneeded machinery and preparing for the winter months that are just around the corner.

We have been in Hopewell  for 7 weeks now and looking forward we are planning on a short 2 and a half week trip to Toronto to visit Lloyd and Marlene’s daughter and Merv’s cousin Sherry and her husband Stephen and help them out at the Toronto Royal Winter Fair as they too have a farm and show horses. We will then go and visit Merv’s dad Mike’s 8 brothers and sisters and their kids before coming back to Hopewell and staying for Christmas which we hope will be a white one and then not leaving until probably mid January.

Having a lot of family everywhere it allows us to travel all over the world so we then plan on travelling down Canada through the USA to Oklahoma to see Lloyd and Marlene’s youngest son and Merv’s other cousin Donny and his Wife Vonda who also have a farm and keep horses. (We should know what we are doing by this time).  We will then hopefully go to Florida (and maybe Disneyland) to stay with family from Alycee’s side of the family and then make our way to Brazil to see and stay with the rest of the Brazilians before heading for home in mid March.

So as you can see we have come along way and met lots of wonderful people but we still have a very long way to go before we get home.

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