August 14th welcomes Alycee Barrett into the world

I was born some years ago ( feels like about 86 of them) on August 14th in the boonies in a tiny town called Pedra Corrida in Brazil. Pedra Corrida means Tumbling Stone ( funny name but I guess a River passed by and made the stones jump and but who knows).

I was born while my mum was making lunch one day for a lot of workmen working on the railway company The infamous “Vale do Rio Doce” and she did not have a lot of time but I was coming and wasn’t waiting for anything or anyone so (I’m sorry if this is a little graphic for some but I love to share my stories) she went into the bedroom pushed me out, cut the umbilical cord and wrapped me in the blanket. She then went back to the kitchen to finish her chores.

She then went into a boarding house and later on she became a Hotelier which she gave up in 1969 and turned it into a boarding house for students. So from my earlier days at home I saw a lots of Doctors, Dentist, Lawyers including myself graduating while living at my Mum’s place. It really was the place to be!

My Mum lived to be just 27 days shy of her 100th birthday and this gives me great encouragement that I will live just as long or even beat her record.

I like to live my life to the very fullest and so every birthday I like to be somewhere different and this year I will full fill my dream of going to China. It will only be a short break with visits to KL, China and Vietnam but I am also going to meet some people that I met here last week buying houses and others who are coming soon to stay in Perth for good.

So just to cap my story off please think of me on the 14th of August as I am walking the Great Wall of China as I think of my mum and where I came from!



  1. Ziggy said:

    Hi Alycee,

    I will be thinking of you when you walk the great wall of China on your birthday.

    Happy Birthday and all the best for the future.

    Yours sincerely,

    Ziggy, Bernadett, Lenny & Ramona