Chasing the sunrise to see hot air balloons

This morning just “out of the blue” my husband and I took off to Northam to watch the hot air balloons.

Chasing balloons is like chasing rainbows, they look close enough but we drove kilometres and kilometres and we never got close…

But we did stop on the side of the road to see them landing and it was a beautiful sight but we should had left 4AM instead of 5AM.

At least we managed to see a few!

The Northam Aero Club will be the host for the 2015 Australian National Ballooning Championships and is delighted to WELCOME visiting balloon crews and pilots from interstate and overseas; as well as members of the public from locations across WA, who are INVITED to experience the visual spectacle of the massed balloons taking to the air in a colourful and breathtaking display.

The National Ballooning Championships will run from 28th August – 6th September 2015, check the website for flight times if you want to see the Balloons.