Our S.I.N.ers party was fabulous!

We, the S.I.N.ers ( Sunset International Neighbours) are a group of friends founded in 1990 when I first arrived in Australia and meet every Month on a Monday  in each other’S home for lunch each one bringing a plate of food to share.

I always bring a cake that I pick up somewhere as I don’t cook, except a turkey for Christmas. I am a master chef when comes to cook a turkey if I say so myself.

On this last Monday we had our S.I.N.ers Christmas Party at Jean’s as we do every year at her house.

Jean is  a marvellous hostess. Her house totally decorated for Xmas, the table set up for Xmas, the air, the whole atmosphere Christmassy .

What a party! We were 24 people plus my grandson and a couple of grandkids too.

I taken pictures but forgot to do a selfie so I was there behind the camera sort of speak .

We also exchange gifts and had a game of the white elephant, where you either open a present or pick someone’s else present if you prefer. We all had a ball!

Merry Christmas to you all!

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