Family is the most important thing in my life today.

A few years back I was so busy with Real Estate that I had no time to spend with my family. Things are more relaxed these days and I have the opportunity to spend quality time with them.
This week we are privileged to be expecting a couple of visitors.
My brother in law who lives in the UK is “popping in” for 2 weeks with us.
And my sister in law who lives in Madrid, Spain is arriving at the same time as her brother to stay for 2 weeks.
We are beside ourselves with the anticipation and excitement of having them to visit.
Come to think of it Australia is the furthest place from where any of our family members live; Canada, Brazil, England, Italy and Spain.
We are a bit spread around the world. So we are even more grateful and appreciative when someone does decide to make the long trek out to WA.
As of the 1st of March and for the next 2 weeks we will have 9 for dinner. A full house every night! We are going to have a great time. Fun and games every night, recounting tales and memories well into the evening.
Do you have any ‘must-see’ suggestions for visitors to Perth, WA?
We will make great moments not to be forgotten.