First a fabulous holiday and then awards, what a great Birth Month!

Arriving from my holidays and I was surprised with a big plaque from Acton.

Acton had their annual ball in August 10th the day I left for my holidays and it was very nice to receive the award for my performance.

I have also found a large envelope from the Real Estate Institute with another certificate congratulating me for my yearly performance.

I love all these awards. In fact that is why I am in Real estate…. to get awards!

And I also got another award for July which was really unexpected to be in the top 30th for Perth. I like to be number one but if I cannot, to be amongst the top 30 in Perth is quite an achievement

Gosh, I am bragging so much but that is what makes me tick!


  1. cema said:

    Parabens boneca! Tu mereces e muito! bjs

  2. Paula Sinclair said:

    Oh, but Alycee – you ARE number one … with all your clients! Congratulations.

  3. Margaret Hayes said:

    Wonderful news, Alycee, well deserved. Thank you for visiting, and for the beautiful flowers I am admiring.

  4. Merv said:

    Well done mum your are doing fantastic and what you love