3626 ring pulls later and I am ready for battle and I look good too

I finally made myself a skirt of ring pulls just like my bags out of the ring pulls from cans.

My friend Marion did the lining and I did the crochet which I used 3626 ring pulls to do and when I put it on, oh boy was it heavy!

Wearing it I feel like I am wearing armour and going to battle, but it’s fun and I took photos to be able to show everyone and post them on Facebook.

Some of the comments that my friends made, had me in giggles and I just had to share them with everyone!

“You wouldn’t be swept by your feet … Not even by Mike”

“I don’t think you can go through the Airport scanner”

“You are missing a sword”



  1. Cema said:

    Gorgeous! You are incredible, Alycee! xo