Cooking is definitely not one of my strong points but I am enjoying the trying

Every Tuesday I have dinner with my son Merv and his girlfriend Toni, alternating between their house and my house taking turns to cook.

We usually eat very healthy meals with occasional naughty desserts such as brownies with ice cream or cake that is left over from my S.I.Ners luncheons.

I enjoy these weekly get together’s as it allows me and Mike to catch up with Merv and Toni and laugh, eat and drink wine.

Cooking is not a very strong point for me but I have been enjoying trying new things lately and last week decided to attempt a cake recipe from a Brazilian cook book that I have.

I started with gathering the ingredients and started the mixing as the first step noted until I grew confused when it said to stir in the butter. Butter…. Hmmmm there was no butter in the ingredients list so I had no idea how much to use but I just grabbed a couple spoon fulls and stirred it in.

I then finished mixing up my cake and the next steps said to simply put it in the oven! ……. That was it?!? No mention of temperature or how long to put it in and I had to laugh to myself because I probably should have read the complete recipe before I started cooking. So I just popped it in the oven first for 30 minutes and then 10 minutes and finally for a further 10 minutes before it was ready to take out, cool and eat and boy was it yummy!

Brazilians may be very good cooks usually, but they definitely need to brush up on their recipe writing skills…. haha

Next Tuesday it is my turn to have dinner and I need some ideas for some new recipes, so if you have any you would like to share, I would love to hear them and share them with my family!


  1. Margaret Hayes said:

    So very sorry to hear you have lost Spot to the big green park (or beach?) up in the sky. I was devastated when I had to put Larry then Calum to sleep, as there is nothing better than the love and devotion one receives from their dog. I am still in JHC and have finished the infusion sessions, but don’t feel any benefit, to be honest. See you soon, I hope. Love Margaret.

  2. Thanks darling.
    We still have Diesel who is full of beans and very good company to my husband

  3. Coral Parker said:

    This is a family favourite in our household for all special occasions, it NEVER ceases to be a winner:


    150gm bar of dairy milk chocolate
    2 tbsp boiling water
    2 eggs – separated
    1 tsp vanilla
    300 ml whipped cream
    1 double sponge
    ½ cup sherry

    Melt choc in pot above boiling water. Add water & 2 beaten egg yolks & vanilla. Fold in beaten egg whites & whipped cream. Put in freezer for ½ hour to thicken slightly.

    Slice each sponge into 2 (4 layers) and dribble each layer with sherry. Layer each with some of the choc filling, then cover the entire sponge and freeze.

    • Guess what we are going to have for dessert nextTuesday?
      You guessed
      Your recipe!
      Sounds yummy!
      I will need help from Toni who knows how to follow a recipe

  4. Cema said:

    Let me know when you are in need of more recipes…I have tons1!!
    Glad to see you are enjoying cooking!