If I ever decided that I want to change careers, Car Sales could be just up my alley

One of my Chinese clients is looking to buy a property and while out showing her some properties she informed me that she is going to buy a new car for her son who is on his “Learners”.

So I asked her son, who was with us at the time, “what car do you want?” and he said he wanted an Audi so we headed over to the Audi Showroom in Osborne Park and took a look around.

They both asked me if I would like to do the haggling and I accepted so once he found the car he wanted I got to work on the 24 year old sales man and started hagling.

He named a price and I said hmmmm…. No! and so he said “Well make me an offer” and I replied with “Well whats the lowest you will go?” and he gave me a price and so with my buyers permission and after talking with them beforehand of course I offered them a cash price.

It went backwards and forwards a little and the manager got involved and after a little pushing I got a deal that my clients were ecstatic with.

I managed to get the young boy an 2013 Audi A4 Series 2 with GPS and all the bells and whistles, including on road costs and 6 months registration for $56,300. A brand new one of the same model costs $80,000!

So we went for lunch and were going to have the car dropped off but after lunch the boy couldnt wait any longer so we went back and asked to drive it out ourselves, but not before stopping to get some “L” plates.

They were very happy but now I just need to help them buy a house to match the car!