Italian Pasta Perfectionists right in my own home

Sorrento Living Italian Boys Cooking Pasta

Having the three Italian Boys here has been absolutely great for my cooking skills. I am learning the best way to prepare and cook pasta. There are ways to cook pasta and there are ways that the Italians cook pasta and you must have the right ingredients or else beware.

Two nights ago the boys were cooking pasta for dinner and looked in the pantry for tomato sauce and all they could find was a big bottle of Marlon Brando tomato sauce that wasn’t to their standards but due to the last minute they had to use it.

The next day all three of them went to the shops and bought 10 cans of tomato sauce that they were happy to cook with and boy did we laugh about it. I’m happy to let them cook pasta their way. It all tastes fantastic!

Although they are happy to cook dinner they are looking for some casual work to help out their travel funds so if you or someone you know is looking for some help around the house or their business and would like to help out 1 or three Italians please let me know.

Bon Appetite!