Our very own My Kitchen Rules Competition is bringing out the cook in me

As you know every Tuesday night Mike and I take it in turns with Merv and Toni alternating houses to cook each other dinners and lately it has become a bit of a My Kitchen Rules competition with each of us trying to out do the other.

Recently we have had handmade Vietnamese spring rolls with Soy chilli dipping sauce, Eggplant and lentil vegetarian casserole, and prawn pasta paella just to name a few.

On Tuesday as Mike would say “Merv and Toni have thrown down the gauntlet” with their 3 course meal.

Starting off with rock melon wrapped in prosciutto, then home made vegetarian kebabs with garlic and chilli sauce topped off with a dessert that looked too good to eat and not something my own vegetarians would slave over a hot stove for.

To my surprise, (while I was too busy taking photos to actually realise what it was) the cake turned out to be a whole watermelon cut into cake size (only the inside bit) covered in thick whipped cream with strawberries, mixed berries and kiwi on top and slivered almonds and nuts and raisins covering the sides.

It was all totally delicious and has Mike and I racking our brains to figure out what will be on the menu for next Tuesday!

Any thoughts? I’m all ears and our bellies are waiting!