Stalking my kids all the way to Italy as they left home for their holidays and I was missing them too much

We arrived in Italy at my sister in laws doorstep unexpectedly. When Jojo open the door, surprised with the door bell ringing as everyone usually just goes to the back door unannounced, she was stunned, pleasant and welcome look at her face when she spotted us.

That was the most amazing feeling. My husband soon asked: can we borrow a cup of sugar? We laugh and cried so hard that my daughter and husband, my son and girl friend and Jojo’s children came to see all the commotion. Why is everyone laughing?

The surprise on their faces was an unforgettable experience i’ll remember forever.

When I make a surprise… I come prepared. Even though my gorgeous sister in law lives in a 5 bedroom home she already had guests, my son and girlfriend, my daughter and her husband and my Mother in law who came from Canada to meet my children in Italy plus her own husband and 3 children. House full. 12 of us. So in my luggage i brought two inflatable double size mattress and two inflatable pillows.

Mind you, I slept in very comfortable bed while the children slept in these mattresses.

Most fun was going everywhere together for sightseeing, to the beach, shops or to a Restaurant.

So I am in Italy now but will be back this Saturday for Home Opens.

It was a short 11 day holiday going to Italy through Dubai to spend my birthday with my family. Getting old you always feel the need to be surrounded by your family. Well, I think so.

My sister in law lives in this incredible touristic city called Bracciano on the edge of a lake where there is a spectacular Castle where Tom Cruise got married and as we found out this Castle has been the set for 150 movies.

Most unforgettable staying in Italy!


  1. Merv said:

    Great to see you mum in Italy. It was such a surprise to see you and dad here in Italy. Where next?