Thanks to my friends I now have Jamie Oliver in my cupboard

I have to say that I had help from all over the joint in collecting those little stickers from Woolworth to get 50% the Jamie Oliver dinnerware collection.

My fantastic S.I.N.ers group, my past clients, work mates, neighbors and even my brand new seller from 17 Minden Rise that will be on the market very, very soon have kindly given me Woolworth collectible stickers.

I cannot forget the anonymous ones that were dropped into my mailbox. My Newsletter sure works, Thank you all!

Now we have to have a fabulous lunch for you all to experiment a good “dish” in my new dishes. How does that sounds to you?

As I have purchased the 40 pieces I want and I have a lots of left over stickers, if you are interested in getting them for yourself, let me know and I will drop them in your mail box as I had so many dropped on mine.

Nice new dishes!

Humm..! My husband has been away and I am a bit tired of T.V. dinners, I need nice new recipes to go with it!