What a whirlwind trip I’ve had!

I might have skipped Bondi Beach – oopsie, but I think everything else makes up for it.

The Blue Mountains with all the cable cars was the highlight of the trip for me. The cable train is 70 degrees – almost straight up! – and makes butterflies in your belly when you are gliding upwards.

While on the skyway you have a very close view of the 3 Witches, the 3 sisters turned into stone, as the legend goes. And then the skyline drops straight down to the valley. The views of the never-ending Mountains made it so exciting. A must-see if you come out this way.

Dee Why beach was quite interesting and so was Manly beach. I think Dee Why won out though, as it was actually closed and the high waves splashed on the pedestrian passageway unexpectedly.

Travelling in the double decker trains was absolutely special. It could be my new favourite mode of transportation.

I think I saw ALL of all the downtown sites; The Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Queen Victoria Building with all the shops, the Sydney Tower, Circular Quays, the Cathedral, the Museum (which I did not go into as I had so much to see outside), and coffee in the middle of Hyde Park for a bit of a break.

It was very gruelling, walking the whole day, but I appreciated every moment.
I saw in one day what most people take 3 days to see! I think I more than made up for missing my early morning walks. And had the best night’s sleep of the week! Hehehe

Amidst of all of this, I also got approval from the Foreign Investment Review Board for my client.

A perfect week!