Happy Halloween but don’t forget about the Treats

Friday is October 31st and in a lot of places the world over this means it is Halloween, so be prepared for lots of witches and ghosts and vampires and maybe even a couple of Elsa’s or two to knock on your door expecting a little treat but definitely not any tricks.

At Whitfords shopping centre on Thursday night there were many stores that had staff dressed up offering sweets to the kids that were also dressed up, which was really nice to see.

Want to make something a little scary for halloween? Head over to taste.com.au and check out the cocktail sausage mummies and the hags chicken fingers for the really sweet teeth the no-bake spiderweb cheesecake looks to die for!

If you have a Halloween party to go to this weekend and are stuck for ideas you can check out Pinterest, which has heaps of ideas for costumes for all ages.

Have a great weekend!

Trick or Treat!