Have You Got World Cup Fever?

When I say World Cup, I’m talking about the FIFA World Cup, Soccer (Football for some) which starts Thursday night (Friday Morning) with the opening ceremony starting at 3:15 and first games kick off at 4:00am Perth Time.

World Cup is a fiery one in my family with me backing Brazil (of course), my son in law being Portuguese backing Portugal and Merv’s girlfriend Toni is half Italian so backs Italy (And Australia ), which makes for some friendly competition.

In the past there have been many late nights or very early mornings with us getting together to watch the games but unfortunately I’m away on holiday at the moment so we won’t be all together BUT fortunately I will be with my other family watching it with them and guess where? in BRAZIL!

Yes, you read that correct! I’m visiting my family in Brazil while the world cup is on and while I’m not actually going to any of the games, I can assure you that the atmosphere anywhere in Brazil will be electric to say the least!

The first game is Brazil vs Croatia so if you are awake at 4:00am, Enjoy!

Here is a timetable for all the games if you are interested, even Google is getting involved.

FIFA World Cup Timetable