Hello…. Are you there? Apparently I can talk to people from the roof of my car!

A funny thing happened to me on Monday, well it was sad at the time but now when I remember I can’t help but laugh so I thought I would share it with you and give you a laugh too.

So, I’m driving along, on my way to an appointment and my phone rings through my blue tooth and I can hear “Hello… ahem hem hem…. Are you there?” which is my ring tone for those who haven’t heard it. So I think, hmmmm…. Where is my phone? I can hear it but it isn’t where it usually is.

I continue to drive and can still hear it ringing but cannot find it. Then I remember OH NO!!! it’s on the roof, right where I left it before I got in the car. So I pull over stick my head out and feel on the roof of my car but cannot find it, BUT I can still hear it. I then look in the rear vision mirror and see my shiny golden cover lying on the road and it’s still ringing! It must have thought it had wheels when it got it’s software upgrade!

I get out of my car, run to get it and pick it up and see the screen has cracked and smashed (not extremely bad) and quickly answer the call while telling the caller my phone was on the roof and went flying off and smashed and it still rings!

So I was a little sad that I have to go to Apple to replace it but they have such a good service with their Apple products that I don’t mind the laugh that it gave me!

What have you left on the roof of your car? I would love to hear that I’m not the only silly billy!