Hip Hip Hooray, I finally made it to China, Happy Birthday to me!

I have now returned from my 2 weeks holidays which was a mixture of business and pleasure and at the same time commemorating my 86th birthday (again! hehe)

After the sight seeing and shopping in Kuala Lumpur I then went to Beijing, China for 6 nights.

My first tourist attraction was a tour to the Great Wall which I had already booked and so was picked up in an air conditioned can by a personal driver and my own personal English speaking guide.

I did not walk the whole wall it is impossible but I went a few sections with flights of stairs ranging 23, 24, 50, 17 up and down and when I had enough we made our way back with my guide filling me on along the way and snapping photos of me.

Next we visited the Ming Tombs which houses the 13 families and is spread over 50000 square meters of land… A lot of wasted Real Estate if you ask me but was very lovely to see and the grounds was beautiful.

I also went to the jade factory and the silk factory to watch how they turn silk from the silk worm into a bedspread. It was very interesting and then I finished the day off with a tea ceremony and learnt  how yo make a tea. (I learn in half hour what I never learnt in over 30 years of marriage)

The next day I went to the Forbidden City where I walked miles and miles to see a whole city of Kings that was forbidden to the lower class. Tiananmen Square is a large square right in the centre of the city and is across from the Forbidden city.

Beijing impressed me a lot and I experienced the most fantastic subway line in the world which is super organised with 15 lines that can get you easily from one end of the city to the other without getting lost, even if you cannot read the signs and plus it is very cheap only osting 2 yuans to go in one direction which is less than $2.

There 30 million people in Beijing with half of them, if not more under ground using the subway which keeps the traffic light and organise above ground.

If you do go to Beijing don’t miss out Bullit train, I went to Tienjin which is 33 minutes away from Beijing at 300km per hour. Whee …

I spent a day of enjoying the locals in the markets and the food kiosks in the streets and the saw the biggest Apple Store ever and only with non western toilets well you have to go you have to go…

Beijing is bustling with lots of life and the people were very polite, helpful and crazy to practice English with you or anyone that would help I managed to see everything a tourist needs to see plus a mixture with the locals.

I did manage to meet my Chinese friends who are coming here to buy houses and live so I met a lot of new “future Aussies”

After Beijing I went to Ho Chi Minh City where it’s even a challenge to cross the road and where there are 10 million people and 5 million motorbikes.

The Vietnamese are lovely people and it is incredibly cheap there but I spent a lot of time just walking and using the gym everyday in the hotel but I still managed to gain a couple kilos or maybe it’s just the muscles I gained as I exercised a lot.

O am glad to be back to my lovely Oz but next year: the World Cup!

Who’s coming?