Holidays over! Back from my Brazilian holidays and now looking for a job: do you have a house to sell? I am totally back!

We had an absolutely AMAZING time, spending 45 days in Brazil visiting relatives. On one hand we were able to relax in some pleasant weather, and visited some of my relatives’ retreats out in the countryside, and on the other hand we did so much socialising! Parties everyday! People popping in for a visit unannounced was never an issue, just ‘add water to the beans’ for another one or two or three, everyone is always welcome. Just like the way I like it in my home here.

At night on the 13th of June was a festival called Festa Junina, a traditional celebration occurring at the beginning of winter. I worked in one of the kiosks from a non profitable organisation selling some delicious Brazilian dishes, namely: canjiquinha, canjica, and caldo de feijão. Believe me if you eat them you’ll be hooked!

Today I went shopping at Kakoulas to find the ingredients I needed. My family has been treated to some of these delicious dishes since we’ve come home. It makes a refreshing change from the routine dishes we can fall into the habit of making.

Do you have signature dishes from your culture you like to serve up now and again?

Today I went shopping at Kakoulas to find the ingredients I needed.
Here some pictures to highlight my beautiful trip.