I am a S.I.N.er member. Our S.I.N.ers Club was founded in 1990

We are a group of ladies meeting once a mnth in each others home for lunch always on a Monday. Everyone brings a plate and we end up with a fantastic feast. SINer’s stands for Sunset International Neighbours.

We don’t sell anything in our lunches like Tupperware, Avon etc except I always offer a house that I have on the market. Well, I am a Real Estate Agent 🙂 Besides everyone is always interested to know about Real Estate. Our group is to maintain friendship, get together, talk about anything and everything. We talk about our family, children, trips, etc.

We have joy in our monthly meetings. The S.I.N.ers are a family to me and we have been going for 21 years!

If you are looking to meet more people and have a wonderful Monday lunch with us S.I.N.ers, let me know in the comments below and I’ll let you know when the next lunch is on.