I had an eventful weekend, though not quite the kind I wished for!

On Friday November 16th I had a collision on my bike with a teenager going to school on his bike. I saw him zooming towards me and I tried tok get as far left as possible, nearly on the grass and practically stopped, but he just kept coming and – bang! I crashed down hitting the pavement with my left shoulder – the one that already has bursitis. Ouch!
I had to be helped up by this young man and a couple of his friends and he apologised, and admitted he hadn’t been paying attention. A gentleman called James, who had been walking at the park, offered me – and my poor bike – a lift home in his car. I accepted, still feeling very shaky. I went to the doctor who prescribed lots of pills and also X-rays, 10 images of various angles. There was an awkward moment when the young male technician realised I would need help getting into the robe – he went bright red –  but his female colleague heard me say I didn’t care – I have a grown son, and medical care is medical care, and she came to his rescue. A funny moment in amongst the discomfort.
On Saturday morning I took all the 4 pills prescribed after my breakfast than everything went upside down –
I was ill all day long. I’ve never been good with medicines so my stomach definitely didn’t take to those pills well.
Kyro, my favourite pharmacist came to my rescue prescribing something to ease my stomach pain. My grandson was visiting for the day while his mum was busy too, but my husband, “poppy” had to match the energy of almost a four year old while I recuperated.
I woke up on Sunday feeling practically good as gold, although I still have some stiffness in my arm. It will have to be the stationary bike until I’m at full strength again. We debated taking my bike in for repairs, but it’s looking worse for wear and might need to be replaced instead. There are wonky pedals, bent cogs and the frame isn’t really aligned anymore.
No more bike, boo hoo!
I’ll have to get another one, and I don’t think I can wait until Christmas! I have been cycling for a month and don’t want to stop. I feel like I had just found my stride, and now I’ll have to start all over again. But I’m determined!
You bet, every time I see a bike coming I will veer away from it and stop, and I might start riding AFTER all of the kids are at school.
Stay safe, and keep your eyes open!


  1. Alison Kepplinger said:

    Hi Alycee

    Sorry to hear about your tumble. Just wanted to let you that Anaconda On Joondalup Drive are having a sale on bikes at the moment as they are relocating.

    Maybe you can find a replacement