Is your home or Rental Property ready for digital television?

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During 2013, analogue free-to-air TV signals will be switched off across Australia and replaced with digital-only signals.

On 16 April 2013, more than 722,000 Perth households had their analogue TV signals turned off and were switched to digital-only TV. On 25 June 2013, most regional and remote areas in Western Australia will follow.

The digital switchover timetable is available from the digital ready website.

Are you an owner or a rental property? You may have to make some changes. I had to change some antenna’s for my rental properties because they were so old and didn’t receive a digital signal.

If you have a property manager, make sure you ask them about your requirements.

A summary of the Department of Commerce’s view is as follows:

  • If a tenant has their own analogue TV and the property’s antenna receives the digital signal, the tenant is responsible for purchasing and installing a set-top box or buying a new digital TV (a set-top box enables analogue TVs to receive the digital signal).
  • If a tenant has their own digital TV or an analogue TV with a set-top box but the property’s antenna will not pick up the digital signal, the property owner is responsible for assessing the antenna set-up (an antenna ‘trouble-shooting’ guide is available from the digital ready website), which may lead to purchasing and installing a new antenna.
  • If a furnished rental property includes an analogue TV, the owner is responsible for ensuring it works by installing a set-top box. Alternatively the owner could replace the old analogue TV with a new digital TV. If however the antenna will not pick up a digital signal, the owner will have to arrange for an antennae upgrade or replacement.
  • In strata buildings, the strata company (all owners), are responsible for maintaining and repairing common property, including a shared antenna system if it exists. In order to meet their responsibilities, owners and/or property managers will need to consult with the strata or building manager.

If a rental property’s antenna needs upgrading, property managers should use accredited installers. A list of endorsed antenna installers can be found on the digital ready website or by calling the Digital Ready Information Line on 1800 20 10 13.

Any further information and contact details can be found on the Digital Ready website.

Property owners may be able to claim a tax deduction for part or all of the cost of the purchase or upgrade of rental property antennas. To find out whether they are eligible, owners will need to contact the Australian Tax Office.

Information Courtesy of The West Australian Department of Commerce



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