It’s time to be spoilt rotten and treat my family like slaves for one day of the year on Mother’s Day

Sorrento Living Happy Mother's Day

I would like to wish all the beautiful mothers, grandmothers, mother to be’s and even the daddies that are mummies a Very Happy Mother’s day.

I have been eating very healthily these last few months and losing weight successfully and feeling really good about it but this Sunday all that will go out the window because my family has decided we are having pancakes for breakfast.

My husband Mike makes the best pancakes from scratch and I relentlessly agreed for them to make it on the one condition that I can have strawberries on top! Yummo!

Then my daughter asked for lunch so there goes another meal I’m sure will be more on the “yummier” than healthier side but it is Mother’s Day and the one day I can just think about ME!

I also just sold another property and only have another that is not open this weekend so I will have the whole day to spend with my family and let them spoil me as much as they like.

What are your plans for Sunday May 12th? What do you like to do for your Mum, Wife or Grandmother?