My extravagant Christmas Story and a surprise my husband will never forget!

I did something this Christmas that “knocked the socks off” of my whole family!

In 2010 when I had 15 members of my family from Canada, Brazil and Italy coming for my daughter’s wedding and staying with us my husband decided to buy a car to taxi everyone around.

I was shocked when he purchased an old Terios that we call it until today the “shopping trolley” .He said that after our guests leave the car was going to be used for him and the his dog Spot to go to the beach. Spot passed away last year and he still drives the shopping trolley.

When my Italian nephew came last Christmas with his 2 of his friends the “shopping trolley” was useful to the boys taking them to the beach with their surf boards on the roof racks.

The same rack that Mike offered to “strap” one of my SINers friend when I came back from Dubai, he was unaware that the SINer was his own Mum. You can read about Mike’s Early Christmas Surprise in a recent post.

I have been asking Mike to buy something better but he is never interested in cars since he sold his Porche before we got married. Cars have never interested him since.

But this year he has been talking about his Suzuki Sierra that he had from 1982/1986 in Nairobi, Kenya when we lived there. He mentioned that he was looking for an old Jeep with a soft top.

Then I had a bright idea!

That is going to be my Christmas present to him: a Jeep! With a soft top.

So, I bought a Jeep!

I found a Jeep Wrangler, white with both hard and soft top that I bought and kept at the Dealer to be picked up on the morning of 23rd and taken to my friend’s Jean who allowed me to keep the Jeep at her house until Christmas Eve.

On Christmas Eve after Mike went to bed I drove to my friend’s place and picked up the Jeep that had a big red bow provided by the Dealer and put it in the garage until Christmas day.

I had the car keys inside 8 boxes, all individually wrapped one inside the other just like the Russian dolls and gave it to him and he had to wonder what that key was for.

I also gave him a card that said:

Go to the front retic and you will find a string, follow that string, we all did and the string led to the Jeep!

My husband was Gobsmacked! That was his words!

It was a surprise for everyone, my children and their partners who wish to have a Jeep just like this one. The only one that was aware of my big surprise was Grandma who went shopping with me!

Did you give a surprise gift to anyone in your family this year? Or get a surprise?

Tell us all about it!