My son is now a true blue Aussie Citizen as we attended his Ceremony at the Joondalup Civic Centre

After almost 20 years in Perth, my son Merv has now joined my daughter Nikky and I in becoming a real true blue Australian Citizen.

Apart from seeing family and friends, Merv’s Ceremony was one of the biggest reasons he returned from his around the world trip was to complete the last step in becoming an Australian Citizen, his Ceremony.

Held at the Joondalup Civic Centre, his girlfriend Toni, my husband Mike and I joined Merv to watch him and about 60 other people become Aussies.

It was really a touching and exciting event and I am so proud of my son and very impressed with the Joondalup Civic Centre for putting on such a lovely event complete with nibblies and drinks to celebrate the momentous occasion.

To celebrate even more I took my family out for dinner to the Italian restaurant La Vita in Joondalup for a very delicious meal and a Barossa Valley Red Wine.

Welcome home Merv and Congratulations!



  1. Margaret said:

    Congratulations to Merv, and Happy Easter to you all.

    Love, Margaret.

  2. Woody & Kim said:

    Congratulations Merv! Lovely to see you last weekend. Good luck with settling back into Perth and we will catch up soon.
    Woody & Kim

  3. mervb said:

    It was long overdue and I am very proud to be called an Australian now! The ceremony was wonderful to see all the new Australians and we even bumped into some past friends becoming Australian too. Finished the evening off with dinner and a coldie!