Picnic at the Clarko Reserve in Trigg with my friends from the S.I.N.ers Club. Had a great day

Do you have time for your friends at least once a Month! I do. Rain or shine. “In sickness or in health” I will meet them on our Monday lunches once a Month.

This last Monday, instead in a house we decide to go outdoors. Our lunches generally goes from 12 to 3PM but due to the winds in Clarko Reserve, we all felt cold and broke up our reunion at 1:30 instead.

The next 2 lunches are booked:

  • 16th of April we are going to our lovely Shirley Flemming home to see all the reno she has been doing to the house in Sorrento.
  • 28th of May, Marion Ross, Mundaring, here we come. Marion lives far away from us. She used to live in Sorrento but Marion is a very special friend that even after she moved away our friendship has grown and keep growing. We all love Marion.

Our Club was founded in 1990 when I first came to Perth and is alive until today. I never missed a lunch every Month.

They are my friends and my family in OZ.

Took one picture and was not the best with the sun behind us…no excuse…Maybe the “photographer” is the excuse?