Newest real estate portal Squiiz launches and is now open for inspection. What do you think?

Just yesterday a new real estate portal called Squiiz just opened for inspection and for you to search for property in Australia if you are buying, renting or just researching.

There are some agencies missing but they are hoping to have more real estate agents on board soon.

Squiiz real estate and property portal australia

Squiiz home page promoting iphone and google app

What do you think about the website helping you find information about property? How do you think this compares to other real estate portals you use like and Homely?

Let me know what your thoughts are? I am curious to know what people other than real estate agent’s think!


  1. Mr developer said:


    Honestly its only a soft release, but from a mobile responsive side of Squiiz has done well. There is allot of work and development still required. Its gonna take allot of development to catch up to the other 2 top portals . With all due respect congrats on the launch and vision but Its a long way from achieving the objective.