Roller Derby is the latest fun my daughter Nikky have been enjoying

This last Saturday over 100 roller skaters went from Hillarys to Mindarie on a 20 Kilometre streach and my daughter was with them.

I miss the opportunity as I was busy doing home open.

Roller Derby is a very hard sport but she enjoys pushing and shoving and is having the time of her life.

The name that she is known as is “Skatleattraction” I am glad she picked this one instead “Mugger Theresa”






  1. Gill Mullins said:

    fantastic, I use to rollar skate, where does she do this??

    • Hi Gill
      Asked my daughter about it and she corrected what she is known as and give you the website so you can check it out
      Go for it! She is having a lot of fun

      And my name is Skatal A Traction… Just had a look at your blog, cute! You could mention the website WA Roller Derby so people can check that out instead of messaging you for details 🙂