Surprise!!!! I went to Dubai to pick up your Mother. An early Christmas present for my husband!

I know that sometime I can be quite extravagant and I love my gold but nothing makes me more happier than seeing my family happy.

Last year I surprised both my kids and their partners and not to mention some of my family when I showed up on the doorstep of my sister in laws in Italy with my husband Mike asking for a cup of sugar!

Noone expected a thing and I had it all planned out even asking questions that really should have made the pin drop but is so unexpected and unthinkable that nobody thought twice. Well you think they would learn and not think twice when it comes to me.

Two weeks ago I went to Dubai “with my SINer friends” and took my daughter Nikky along. This has been planned for about a month and a half before hand and Mike and Merv and Toni were all aware that I was going with friends and staying only for a couple days (5) to do some shopping and took Nikky because she had never been.

Well little did they know (except Nikky of course) that I had asked Mike’s mum Gwyneth (Mrs B) if she would like to fly from Toronto and come to Perth for 1 month and stay with us. Of course she jumped at the chance as she loved it when she was here 3 years ago when she came for Nikky & Danilo’s wedding.

I decided that because it’s such a tough, big long flight that we would organise for her to stop and have a couple days rest in Dubai and do a little sight seeing and what better way to make the surprise more exciting than to go and meet her do a little shopping and bring her back.

Now Mike had no idea what was going on and I even sent him photos with suspicious women masquerading as SINer’s and a couple cheeky photos with his mum in the background but Nope…. The penny still hasnt dropped.

So we three girls had fun, shopping, buying gold and doing some sight seeing and when it was time to leave for the airport I called Mike and told him to make sure there is room in the car as we are giving a lift home to one of the SINers and we need the room for the extra luggage and shopping that I bought and he jokingly said “It’s ok, we can strap HER to the roof if we need to!”

So I came out of customs, and then Nikky and Mike is trying to hurry us along and move out the way, all the time looking for the SINer BUT to his greatest shock he spots none other than his MUM!

The look on his face was absolute priceless and one I will never forget!

Later on that day I did the same thing to Merv and Toni asking them to come over and bring and iPhone5 charger with them because I had left mine in Dubai and so they walked in and got the biggest surprise too!

Like I said, nothing makes me happier than when my family is happy and I think my surprise did just the trick!

Take a look at some snaps from the movie my daughter made!