The Brazilian June Festival was a hit and fun and full tummies were had by all

On Saturday I attended the Brazilian June Festival with Mike at the Claremont Show Grounds and has an absolute ball of a time.

We arrived at the same time as Merv and Toni and my daughter Nikky arrived not long later and then the eating and drinking began.

First we watched the kids and then the adults show off some Capoeira which is like dancing martial arts and then we started the eating of everything edible and drinking a popular favourite soft drink called Guarana which is a grape tasting fizzy drink that’s delicious.

Around 1000 tickets were sold for the event with more tickets sold at the door and the number of Brazilians and people of all cultures was amazing.

It was great to see everyone enjoying themselves and trying all the Brazilian delicacies such as Pastel’s that are either meat or cheese filled deep fried pastries and Coxinha’s which is similar to a chicken filled croquettes and tastes delectable. Everyone loved them so much that the lines were so long they went from one end of the pavilion to the other and then out the door so a lot of time was spent waiting in line to get more food.

By about 4 o’clock were were all stuffed and had no room for desert which I took home and had for desert another night.

It was definitely a great day and I loved hearing all the Brazilian music and seeing all my friends and cannot wait until next year so I can go again.