The New Local Sorrento Resident….. Have you seen him?

By now, because of the news, radio and social media I’m sure you have either seen or heard about the new local resident on Sorrento Beach.

For the past 2 days there has been a 3 and a half metre, 2 tonne elephant Seal sunbathing on Sorrento Beach.

This huge mammal has caused chaos on the roads with cars everywhere and traffic bumper to bumper with people of all ages trying to get a look at the big boy.

Usually found in the Antarctic the seal is a long way from home and experts have said that it is unusual for it to be here but not rare as they can sometimes be found on the beaches between Albany and Esperence.

People please remember that it is a wild animal, and we don’t want to stress it out by getting too close and just letting it do what everyone else does at the beach, relax and enjoy himself.


  1. LHS said:

    Great shots of the visitor! It was too crowded when I got there to get close enough for pictures. Getting there wasn’t easy on foot, with prams and cyclists sharing the footpath. My partner tells me, at least it wasn’t him this time showing off the blubber!