What makes me tick in Real Estate… a pat on the back for working hard for my clients

Featuring from now on a series of stories that has happened throughout my career that is going to be the subject for every Thursday.

I’m hoping to cover a lot of issues facing sellers and buyers today in the real estate market. So if you have a question that needs answering let me know in the comments.

But other important issues will be attached to the same Newsletter and that would be related to Real Estate like this weeks RCD’s and the Joint Form of General Conditions which are very important when selling your home. Next week I’m going to share with you the legal requirements for smoke alarms when selling or… leasing an investment property.

Starting this week with my series of stories I have to “brag” about the month of January when I was awarded with a “package of goodies” for my performance.

I was just awarded number one Real Estate Agent for the Month of January 2012. Very proud, happy and satisfied thanks to my clients who made that possible.

In all the Agencies I worked with I have never been so pampered as I am at Acton Coastal. Not only the certificate for the best sales of the Month (which I love to get) but 4 weeks on the West Australian to “brag about how good I am” and a gift voucher for me to spent on something I really want.

Was a big “pat on the back” for my performance and I think that is what we need, as real estate agents, to help us to be better achievers.

What I look for in an Office is:  support, the team spirit, health competition and appreciation for achievement. That is what I have here at Acton.


  1. Chris Jonker said:

    Well Done Alycee!! We are extremely happy to have you as part of the team…we look forward to seeing your name in lights many more times!