Wishing you a happy New Year

With a blink of an eye Christmas has come and gone and now we lay back and relax and give our bellies a rest from all the no doubt delicious food we have all been eating and and wait for 2014 to arrive.

I had a fantastic Christmas with all my family together for Christmas Eve including Grandma for a Turkey Dinner and then early on Christmas Day for presents and Surprises, not to mentioned a sale for one of my sellers and then had a relaxed Boxing Day with of course left overs for lunch and dinner.

Planning on spending the next couple days with Grandma as she heads back to Toronto Canada on Sunday and will be missed dearly!

I hope everyone had as great Christmas day as I did and I do plan on resting until I head back to work on the 6th January unless of course something comes up.

So as we see the final days of 2013 I would like to wish Everyone a Safe and Happy New Year and hope that you all have a fantastic 2014!

Lots of love